Tuesday, February 28, 2012

An inspiring treat ...brings me back to the blog

Well, its been a while ...  I'm back, though!  What do we owe the cessation of the hyatis to?  FOOD, of course!  This time, the source of my inspiration came by way of the most amazing, most flavorful, most delicious, most memorable ... MARIONBERRY MILKSHAKE from Bend Burger Company! (www.bendburger.com)  I devoured all my fries, most of the milkshake (I was supposed to share with Dwight) and most of my yummy Ponderosa burger (they have pictures of their burgers on their website ... cool).  They have such good food there!!!  They even have these amazing green beans sauteed with bacon and onion as a side in place of fries (I'm going to try this next time - if I can give up my fries).  Mmm!  This place is even more special since one of its owners was our wedding photographer. :-)  Crazy!  Thanks Kristy!

Katie Hermeling stayed at our home to babysit our very active crew (THANK YOU!), while Dwight and I ventured into the snow storm.   After dinner, we headed back to Buck & Shoshana's ranch (THANK YOU) for a dip in the hot tub.  What a treat for tired, achy muscles.  The snow kept falling the whole time.  Ahhhh!   Such beauty and tranquility.  This is a seriously AWESOME activity for tired old folks. :-)

Back home ... the snow is really coming down now.  And we're not talking flurries here.  Its coming down "New York style"! We are all nice and cozy inside ... gentle whiffs of Gardenia soap wafting through our living room. Goats have been milked, meat has been taken out to thaw for tomorrow's cooking day, ham is slowly cooking in the oven, kidney beans are simmering on the stove, boys are all sound asleep.  And Dwight and I - side by side with our computers on our laps. :-)  How romantic!

Dwight is shopping craigslist for the "perfect" car.  We've been looking for a fuel-economy addition to our fleet. So far, the 12 passenger van and V10 truck keep us frequenting the gas stations more than we need.  We need an errand rig.  A rice-burner would be nice.  And if it had 4 wheel drive, that might help too.  A Jeep would be "fun" and Dwight's always wanted one.  A convertible would be "snobby" not to mention that it  would make a better date car than our van. A Subaru wagon would be "practical" but mainstream - everyone has one here!  A Toyota truck would also be practical and great for the window washing.  A Honda CR-V would be ideal.  What are your thoughts??  Dwight loves everyone telling him what he should do! :-) HA!  Do share!