Sunday, March 11, 2012

Spring is a coming ... and we'll be ready!

So, its usually around this time of year (when the chill wears off and we get a warm spell) that we all get excited to start running again.  Yes, it is a fair-weather sport in this house. 

But, one look at everyone's shoes, made us realize that we were in dire need of some new attire for our feet.  Orin runs in Converse.  Dwight has holes in his shoes.  I'm sure you agree ... its time.

Nevertheless, these hardcore runners stretched and ran.  This was Chance's first time on the "training" runs.  Dwight and the older 2 boys used to run when we were in Hawaii (ahhh - memories!).  Now Chance joins the crew.

The highlight of this blog post ... Check out this video of yet another fun family moment. :-)  Quint is adorable!  After much ado (months and months of begging from the boys - mostly Burnell), we finally did the unthinkable!  It was a time to remember. Which is why we wanted to share it with you. :-)

The boys are excited to work on a new project this summer.  They have completely orchestrated this project on their own (with no encouragement from us).  First, they dragged it out of the stall in the stables, hosed it off, wiped it down, and then pushed it out.  Then, they pushed it around the stables, past the arena and UP the huge hill ... all on their own!!  It was one of those moments ... seeing them all working together to an end of their own liking.  Super exciting.  Hope Wade doesn't mind them tinkering on his old go cart.

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  1. I love watching this video! The music is perfect for it, and the entire atmosphere is so fun! I must say that I am thankful that the boys have their hair longer now; Orin looked so handsome and "combed" when we went out last!

    When sorting through files, recently, I found some paperwork about the go-cart that might prove helpful. I will try to get it to you soon!

    Love these little men---and their parents. :)