Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Fun family portrait - 6 boys and 1 girl

When you have a bunch of THE most adorable boys -- all in row ... 6 to be exact ... [how often does that happen???]

And then the most darling little GIRL finally joins the bunch ... :-)

You have to document this addition in a special way! :-)  These boys are super proud of their new little charge and want ya'll to know that she's well protected.

And just in case you're wondering - how can this special sister ever get a date?  Well, we all know -- he'll "Have to get through us first!"  Oh, my!

Oh, I have so much fun with photos.  Thank you, Lord, for giving me such a cute bunch of rascals to take pictures of every day.  And, the cutest little pink bundle, too.  What fun!

Note:  I can't take credit for this idea.  So many of our friends (you know who you are) gave us this fun idea -- from the post of another photographer out east.  Our own Marina Koslow Photography, here in Bend, Oregon shot these adorable photos of our little brood.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Summer fun all 'round

Whew!  What a summer so far!  Being so busy preparing for Camp Dwight and all, I got off the blog track for a while.  But, I had my camera with me and my many adorable subjects were everywhere. :-)

You never know what you'll find 'round here.  Apparently, CATFISH were the find one day.  Dwight was letting the water naturally flood out of the lower pond into the "draw" (as Paula has named it).  It's that gorgeous stretch of lush green grass that all the RV's and campers fill for camp.  Anyway, the boys were exploring and realized that there were catfish in the waterways!  We found 11 total and put them back in the pond.  Hopefully they'll grow big and we can catch them later on to eat.

Vienna helped me drive the boys around on their catfish adventure. :-)
Best Buddies

Quint - our resident waterer.  He faithfully makes sure the grass is watered, the garden is watered, and the lower park grass is watered. Interestingly enough, he's the one who wants us to build fires in winter, too.

Chance -- always dressing up and playing some grand game of his fantastic imagination!

Going for a run before camp

Hanging out by the pond -- eating FRUIT!

Vienna - the little darling I get to keep playing dress up with :-)

An early morning run with my hard-core sister-in-law and best bud, Naomi.

Getting EGGS! Ty and Quint are the egg hunters.

The 2 little guys - best buds.  Always laughing ...

Cousins and best buds - always laughing, too!

Yum!  Fresh-picked blueberries - thanks to Rachel K and Rachel Z for their picking and thoughtfulness.

Quint riding the zipline during camp - a highlight and worth the wait!

Orin, Chance, and Ty with cousin Barrington before the Camp Dwight fun run.  A total blast!

It's a family fun run ... so the whole family's gotta run, right? :-)  YEAH!!!  Thank you, Chad, for helping us attempt to stay in shape with our 1 run a year. :-)

Special visit from my college friend, fellow choir member, accountability partner, and gopher girl ... Wende Pentz.  I love you, girl!  So fun to meet her whole family and introduce them to our fresh goat milk - which they now LOVE! (can't you tell?)  Go Pentz family! :-)

Kefir popsicles!  The best on a hot sunny afternoon.

4th of July baby girl

Burnell, the workin' man!

Orin, the playful athlete

The happy couple after a dip in the canal.  Just celebrating 10 years of marriage!!!

Haying season on the farm

So, I just did an extensive post for Bend Soap Company on the first cutting of the year.  Check it out at:

Finding alone time while raising a family

It's official!  I seem to require several hours of alone time to function properly.

[Burst out in laughter]!!! :-) :-)

How on earth can I possibly get these quit hours while being married to my wonderful, high-energy, super-visionary, over-the-top social, stay-up-late husband???  While raising 6 boisterous, loud, breakfast-needing, high-energy, lunch-needing, quality-time-wanting, mess-making, snack-needing, industrious, dinner-needing boys???  And enjoying 1 new-born, delightful, 8 feedings a day nursing, I want to be up in your arms precious little girl that I just want to smile at all day?

Let alone ... EVERYTHING ELSE!! :-) Like company, laundry, cleaning, adventures, business, organizing, shopping, cooking, cleaning, crafts, homeschool, music lessons, etc, etc, etc.  I try and try and try to get everything done, to fix and fenagle anything that might be in my way of accomplishing all.  Whew ... exhausted!

Ok, so it's not practical.  But, I think I really need a wee bit more alone time than I've been getting to avoid this frazzled, frustrated, short, less-enjoyable, got-no-time for anyone me that I've been seeing lately.

I've finally succumbed ... to the possibility of thinking... that I might, maybe, need ... to get up early in the morning.  The dreaded waking up early thought.

Vienna helped me this morning by waking up at 5:30-something, and not being able to go back to sleep.  So, we left my cozy, dark sleepy place and went out into the cold living room to play and visit.  When I would typically be frustrated and annoyed that my baby wasn't doing what it should be doing (AKA sleeping!), I actually enjoyed this time with her, considering that I should enjoy what the Lord gives and when.  I also enjoyed the quiet and the feeling of having no pressure - since I was sure that everyone else would sleep for another 2 hours or so.  It felt like a gift!  2 hours to myself!!!  Thank you, Lord, for this unexpected gift.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time reading up on how to be a good wife.  And, I was reminded that my focus on trying to get things right in my life is only going to be fruitless - as I get more and more discouraged that perfection cannot be attained.  But, if I simply embrace what is my calling and just have fun with whatever is before me, much joy ensues.  I was so inspired, I made myself a reminder poster on how to love my man (isn't he cute!).

 Made me so happy!  And, I was so happy, that when I heard the munchkins waking up and playing upstairs, instead of being frustrated that my alone time was ending, I raced upstairs and started tickling and playing with my darling little charges!  Life is FUN, folks.  I feel alive and well.  Thank you, Lord.

Will I wake up early tomorrow??  I hope so!

PS - the boys were so happy, that they went to milk the goats together (letting Daddy sleep). While they were gone, I hastily wrote this blog post.  (My hubby loves it when I post, by the way).  Now to make breakfast and it's only 9:28am!