Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Idaho/Washington trip - Pt 5: Home via Johnsons

Traveling Home

We headed back home after visiting the Blains.

Burnell kept up his pattern of cleaning our windshields at each gas station.  He's such a helper.

Do you like my traveling buddies??  Vienna to my left, and Orin to my right.

And these 2 sleepers sacked out behind me on bench #2.  Chance and Ty kept roudy in the back - as usual.  If they're not wrestling, they're not living. :-)

Spring is coming!  The buds were out and the flowers blooming in northern Washington.  We're a bit farther behind in Bend, OR.  It was nice to be in an area where things GROW!!  


Super big treat ... a quick visit with some of our family: Chad & Jenise and kiddos.
Always bright and cheery and full of wisdom and encouragement, ideas and laughter.  We had fun visiting, chatting about Bend Soap Company ideas, housekeeping, and homeschooling.  Love our times with you guys!!!

If you wake up early enough in the barn (which is where we stayed), this is what you get to see!  The most beautiful milk crew ever. :-)

Nice work, ladies!  Nothin' like good 'ol raw milk! 

Look at the cowboys and cowgirls!  Western wear was the ticket for the day.

Here, the guys were busy working on a fabulous place in their home for Kimmy (who was in her art lesson). She was wowed when she returned.  They worked on it the entire morning!

Speaking of art lessons ... here's Karaline with Julia (their amazing teacher!).  What amazing talent these guys are developing with watercolor, and other mediums.  WOW!  Lot's of creativity.  We were blown away.

All good things must come to an end, and so we returned home, after our good-byes.

Idaho/Washington trip - Pt 4: Chewelah

Chewelah, WA - McGuire's

We had a blast staying with the McGuire's!!!  Love this family!! Dwight and Dan worked together at Chad's Achademy last year and are planning on participating again this next year.  They have a lot in common.  Rebekah and I are so much alike, too. In fact, our dresses that we wore to the wedding were practically identical. :-) As couples, we have similar stories of how we ended up together.  Lots of fun.

 The boys hit it off with their children and didn't want to leave.  Of course!  What a blast they all had shooting arrows, hiking, building their own boat, dressing up, and just having an all around blast!

Here's the 2 little guys - who we think look quite a lot like each other, including their eyes.

And, a picture of a barn ... since I really like old barn photos. :-)


And, we also had  a quick visit with our cousins, Allan and Nicole Blain.  We love you guys!!!! This was our 1st time up visiting them since they  moved.  Thank you for the awesome lunch, guys!  Sorry we were late. :-(

Allan and Nicole have such a nice place and the kids loved playing there - however short it was.  Dwight and I enjoyed catching up with them and seeing what they've been up to.  Their piano teacher came over for lessons while we were there.  The boys swung on the rope swing, across the creek.

The view at their place ... ahhhhhhhh

The boys had soooo much fun knife throwing with Braden.  Seven boys with knives??  No problem.

Nicole and Vienna

Checking out their cool barn where the recent barn dance was held.

Their little haven - hammock, creek, shade trees, rope swing ...

And, a cool barn next door. :-)

Our time was full and fun.  We so enjoyed each and everyone.  It is such a beautiful area as well and we enjoyed getting to see it.

Idaho/Washington trip - Pt 3: Coeur d' Alene, Tom and Sarah Wylie's wedding

Coeur d' Alene

A quick visit to this wonderful place on Saturday morning.  The boys hiked around a hill near the lake.  It was windy, cold, and a storm was on it's way with rain, but they had a blast exploring anyway.

 Next stop:  Fort Sherman play area in City Park.  Gabe had told us of this super fun place and the boys loved it!  Such a unique playground with lots of challenges for these agro men.

 Back home for lunch and naps and then to get ready for the wedding.  Aren't these the cutest suits???  I do believe that I have the largest size, which Burnell is quickly growing out of.

Congratulations to Tom and Sarah Wylie!!!  So excited for this Forge man (aka Cutlass) and his girl. :-)  It was a beautiful wedding with lots of fun dancing.

Chris Dortignac captured this little moment of Wyatt atop Daddy - his favorite perch.

After the wedding, we followed Dan and Rebekah McGuire to their new shop!!!  I can't believe I didn't get any pictures - other than the fact that it was late at night.  They have started a store-front where you can drop off your items to sell, and McGuire's will sell it for you.  Sort of an alternative to Craigslisting your products.  Love the concept and so do others.  It is a great shop.  Dan strapped a twin mattress down to the top of his minivan and we followed them to their place in Chewelah, WA.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Idaho/Washington trip - Pt 2: Post Falls Coffee

Gabe and Mandy's - Post Falls

We arrived around 7:30 pm at Gabe and Mandy's and were greeted by Merrie Dortignac!  Our super-sweet friend had made a healthy, yummy dinner for us all.  A feast!  Chris Dortignac arrived, too, and the evening was full of fun and fellowship.  Gabe and Mandy have a large finished basement where the boys ran off their built-up energy for hours!  Yeah for big empty rooms for kids to play. :-)

The next morning, we eagerly visited their new coffee shop in Post Falls.  Gabe and Mandy have a coffee cart in another area of town, and opened this drive-thru/sit-down in February.  They're already rocking it in their first 2 months and they haven't even had their grand opening!    Go Boohers!

We all get treats including some awesome bakery goods!  Mandy serves us with her charm and smiles, wearing an adorable, bright, hand-made apron.  It really makes for a classy feel.

Love this sign ... just sayin'. 

Here's the inside of the shop.  My photo does not do it justice.  The atmosphere is cozy and inviting with tables, couches, cool photography (by Chris D.), and gift items (including Booher CD's).  The walls are a chocolate brown with white and the floor is a rustic, shiny, stained concrete.  The smell of freshly-baked yumminess and coffee fills the air along with cheerful and uplifting music.  Wish we lived close by!

The boys are enjoying the puzzles at the little children's table while they wait for their drinks.

Here's Gabe himself - manning the machine.  Love the vest and baret!

Merrie chats with the boys before working her shift.

Ahhhh ... the anticipated cinnamon rolls are served.  Super flaky and sweet and dripping with icing.  Fresh from the oven.  What a treat!

The boys down their hot chocolates to complete their sugar-loaded experience. :-)

My treat: Blended decaf single-shot white mocha blackberry mocha (light on the sweetner) with whip. Oh dear ... I sense an addiction.

They gave us a special jalepeno cheese bagel for us to try, too. So good!

After all that sugar, it was time to explore the town and burn off some calories!  Nearby we visited a park and some falls.  The park had the COOLEST play equipment - bringing back memories from the past.  This old merry-go-round gave Dwight and the boys tons of fun!

Remember these cool climbing bars?  What is it about hanging upside-down that just delights a child? :-)

Then, we went to the falls, which actually come from a dam built to create electricity.  It is in the place where an old mill used to exist.  

 Mama and her crew.

We made a quick stop at Cabella's before heading back to Booher's.  You should have seen the boys faces!  All the animals!

Orin yelling at a plastic turkey. :-)

Ty and Chance marveling at a huge brown bear.

Quint, Ty, and Chance in front of an elk (what a caption!)

 And, they gave us a bunch of free tokens for the kids to practice shooting at targets.  These boys were thrilled!

Ahhhhh!  What a day!  Back to Gabe and Mandy's for naps and then Pizza Night!  YEAH!