Thursday, September 19, 2013

We got a new bed!

I'm blogging about my bed??????

 ... it must be a big deal! :-)

I've been waking up so sore, lately. My neck, my shoulders, my lower back.  I wake up tired and achy almost every night.  With Vienna waking up in the middle of the night sometimes, too, my night's sleep was severely compromised.

What have we been sleeping on???  When we got married, we had Dwight's old bed ... from when he was growing up!  OK, folks -- we're talking a 28-30-year-old bed!

Here it is - the poor dilapidated thing:

Dwight and his parting moments with his bed of almost 30 years ...
It's OK babe, let it go ...

Off to Sleep Country for a new bed, thanks to Burnell & Paula and their gracious belated wedding gift.  They offered to buy it back in 2003, but Dwight was content with our old bed at the time.  "A bed is a bed!"  True, and we have been grateful.  However, now 10 years later, it was time to upgrade. :-)

Vienna being entertained by her Grandparents while Mama tested out the beds.  

Apparently there's some art to figuring out if a certain bed is right for you or not.  Do I believe this sales jargon?  I don't know ... My hips and shoulders lined up on some but not on others.  I couldn't tell, really.

Finally, we chose this awesome bed, below.

The new bed has arrived!!!!  Out with the old and in with the new.

This is an exciting day.
So exciting, I just had to tell ya'll 'bout it. :-)

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Birthday obstacle course for the new 8-year-old boy

Happy 8th Birthday, Orin Edward!!

Orin is such an athlete.  He is constantly challenging himself.  He LOVES when he develops a new skill ... marveling that he is able to accomplish the feat.  He is super enthusiastic and wild.  He pushes the envelope (just like his Daddy!) ...

He can climb higher...
He can bounce higher ...
He can drive faster ...
He can run faster ...

Recently, his accomplishments have wowed us as he has perfected his backflips on the trampoline.  This guys is a total stud!  He's an inspiration to his other brothers as well.

So, for his birthday, we had to go extreme, too.  We ziplined, We treasure hunted, and We obstacle Coursed.  It was EPIC (isn't that like THE word of the year?)

 The treasure hunt was a blast.  The clues were more challenging than my usual clues.  Kara and I hid the clues in high places, hidden places, and we even buried a clue in the sand volleyball court and one in a container in the pond!  Oh, yes.
Orin looking for clues in the gazebo.  Yes, I sent him up high because I knew he's love it. :-)

Again, "Climb to the top, Orin!"

Then came the obstacle course.  Dwight and Derrick set it up.  It was tough ...

They'd start out by running down the hill, ducking under a tape, running across gravel (all of them did this barefoot), jumping over a bench, running up the slide, down the climbing wall, across the monkey bars ...
Then, they had to jump in the water trough, duck under the beam,  and jump out the other side.

Then into the sand on their bellies to crawl across the court, under the rope.

Then, run across the sand and gravel again...

To a table that you have to climb up on and jump over ...

Then across the tight "rope" 
Orin rocked the tight rope, which was the hardest part for everyone.

Then, Dwight, Uncle Wade, and Uncle Derrick did the course.

And fun was had by all ...

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Grandpa Ted's Perfect Cajun Mahi Mahi!

My boys LOVE fish!  

They saw the fish on the counter thawing and they all exclaimed, "FISH!!!"  "What kind is it?"  When told what it was, someone exclaimed, "Oh, I LOVE Mahi Mahi."  How many kids know what Mahi Mahi is compared to any other fish???

They had it in Hawaii and they still remember how yummy it was.

There is ONE reason, and one reason alone that these boys love fish ... and that has to do with Grandpa Ted, my Daddy.  Boy, does he know how to cook it!  Melt in your mouth ...

My Daddy has always loved fish.  I don't know his entire history with fish, but I was definitely introduced to it at an early age when he decided to raise fish on our property in New York.  Yep, I grew up in New York, in the beautiful Adirondack Mountains on 36 acres of awesome land.  We had a fresh water spring that ran 45 degrees year-round at 12 gallons per minute (I know this because of how many times I heard my Daddy say this to others). :-)  It was with this spring, that he (we) raised thousands of Coho Salmon, Atlantic Salmon, Brown Trout, and Rainbow Trout.

The fish started out in the master bathtub ... with the jets!  Oh, yes.  I'm not making this up.  As they grew, they were transferred to a big "tub" outside the kitchen window.  Finally, ponds were dug and a fish hatchery was built to contain them all.  Such memories ... 

That was years ago.  After relocating to Oregon years later, Daddy has to now satisfy his fishing interests by checking out the Oregon lakes and rives ... AND traveling all over the world.  And we have had the awesome privilege of eating the fish that Daddy has brought back from these trips to Alaska and other parts of the Pacific Ocean.  Where all have you gone, Daddy?

The key is ... FRESH.

And, a simple recipe:

Start out with a yummy bit of Mahi Mahi.  We've also used this same recipe with Rock Cod and Halibut.  Fillet by removing the skin with a sharp knife.  Mine was VERY dull ... 

Sprinkle both sides with Cajun Seasoning or whatever you have on hand.

Get your skillet HOT and add some Olive Oil.

Add some flour to a plate and add the fish to batter.  Don't you like my Corelle?

Turn or toss to coat.

It always tastes better when you have a little buddy working with you -- adding that "special" flavor.

How 'bout some flour on that nose.

Add the coated fish to your hot skillet and let cook for several minutes. Resist the urge to flip.

 Oh, he's so cute ...

 And, he thinks he's soooo funny!

After the fish looks fairly well cooked through, THEN you flip it ONCE and cook for maybe 2 minutes more on the other side.

 Voila!  Perfect Cajun Mahi Mahi that melts in your mouth.  The whole family will be asking for more - even the children!