Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Urgh! That Billy goat!

So, Dwight had to leave early this morning and the boys and I got to milk the goats.  We have 2 does now, Chewbacca (named because of her annoying yelling that resembles that Star Wars character, Chewy) and Skitso (our skiddish one), down from 14 last year.  Only having 2, you would think that we'd be able to handle things just fine.  However, we didn't account for the fact that Willy (the Billy goat) had gotten in with the does.  He's in the rut, you see, making it impossible for him to leave those does alone.  Well, he managed to bust through the separating fence and both does had acquired a new scent instantly.  Yeah!  Goat milking a la stench. :-)

So, Dwight's routine is to set the grain out, open the gate, and call to his "ladies."  They respond to his voice.  I am reminded of the verse in the Bible about "my sheep hear my voice, and they know me and they follow me."  Well, Dwight's goats know him all right.  As for me, I might as well be the butcher.  I can't get within 5 feet of them without them taking off.

I open the gate and call and Chewy runs out and loads up on the stanchion to be milked.  Good girl.  Burnell starts milking her while I and Orin have to go get Skitso because she won't come.  She and Willy are seemingly busy.  Orin manages to get her out while I get Willy in his pen.  However, she doesn't load up, but goes outside the Billy's pen and starts flagging.  He proceeds to BUST THROUGH THE FENCE!!  So, I now have two goats on the loose.  The four oldest boys and I start to strategically place ourselves so as to corner the two of them.  Normally, nearing grain usually entices them long enough to where you can grab a collar, however, they are on to us and spook if we even make a move towards them.

To make a long story short, Dwight ends up dropping by to help.  He shows up, walks directly up to Skitso and takes her by the collar.  Amazing!!  He had to be more aggressive with Willy, but got him back in his pen, too.  

We all end up smelling like a billy goat.  Urgh!

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