Thursday, January 17, 2013

Thankfulness ...

At times I am overwhelmed with feelings of thankfulness.  Thankfulness for what the Lord has done.  And, thankfulness for those he has put in my life.  I do not know where I would be ... perhaps on an entirely different path.

I am also thankful for the men and women that have gone before me and faithfully taught me from God's Word.  Taught me to love my husband, to cherish him, to minister to him, serve him - with a self-less love.  Taught me to honor him and obey him.  Taught me to yield "submit" to him and his leadership.  So thankful for these truths that have kept me walking towards my Dwight.  So thankful for our 9+ years of marriage, with its ups and downs ... but its eternal rewards.

I am also thankful for those who have taught me to desire children, and to live my life in such a way that they are nourished, developed, and treasured.  It's not always the easiest route for me to take, and I certainly have not "arrived" as a parent, but it is the most rewarding path ... and I keep pursuing it.  So thankful for the wisdom of mothers and fathers who point me back to the Word, who remind me of the glorious undertaking of raising these little men. I am blown away by what the Lord has done in my life - through these little blessings.  Who would have imagined???  I certainly have not planned my life this way.  Soooo thankful!

I am so thankful, and should you need or want similar encouragement, I want to share their wisdom with you, too. There are several other places for encouragement, too, but these are the ones I regularly return to.  No Greater Joy is full of family resources, bible studies, child training info, marriage info.  I look forward to getting their free magazine every few months.  Such an encouragement!!  For mothers ... so encouraging to hear from these ladies on nutrition, mothering, being good wives, etc.  Ann Voskamp's site.  I don't frequent it much, but it has some good encouragement for when I'm going through a slump.  Remembering thankfulness!!  A blog by Lisa Jacobson.  Encouragement for mothers, wives.  Marriage and family tidbits that make me smile.

Wonderful Books!!
One Thousand Gifts - by Ann Voskamp (a lesson in thankfulness, trust, walking with God)
100 Days of Blessing - by Nancy Campbell (practical, daily refocusing for mothers)
The Power of Motherhood - by Nancy Campbell (changed my vision for my life)
Created to be a Help Meet - by Debi Pearl (helps me remember how to love and serve my man!)
The Love Dare - Kendrick (helped retrain my thinking about unconditional love)
Large Family Logistics (help with the practical day to day stuff in a family)

Also, great sources of wisdom come from my dear friends and family who also love the Lord and have walked before me.  Paula Johnson, Jenise Johnson, Lisa Voetberg, Catherine Leavitt, Blance Tadlock, Dauna Johnston, Heidi Kalebaugh ... you are all so encouraging and ministering by your examples and your words.  Very blessed to know you and learn from you!!

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  1. Wow! I did not get any email notices that you were back at blogging again, dear Marilee. I am going to have fun catching up! I love you dearly and thank God for your willingness to learn and grow. I thank God that he gave you to us for a daughter (in-love). :)