Thursday, March 5, 2015

Our Little Traveling House

A trailer that sleeps 10!!!  Wahoo!

This is the coolest trailer ever!  We’re so enamored with our new trailer-mo-bile that we are even contemplating naming it. J Any suggestions?

A typical evening for us starts with setting up our trailer in a campsite.  Dwight and the boys work on backing it up.  Dwight’s AMAZING at backing up huge trailers – from his craft show days with Aaron.  “Thanks, Aaron!”  

Next, they work together on leveling it, putting down the trailer jacks, and unhooking the car.  Then, they get the power hooked up and the slide out.  Next, hook up the water.

The reverse happens when we pack up and Dwight marveled that, the other morning, the boys were able to do it all on their own already!  WOW – fast learners. J

Dwight laughingly says that he can't believe that everything works on our trailer.  He’s used to the idea of having certain things not working.  But, everything’s worked so far.  Well, almost everything.  We did have to fix the water pump that froze – but it works now.  And, we haven’t quite figured out the hot water heater yet (update: it works!).  But, the power works fabulously (inside and outside lights), the propane, the stovetop, the oven, the fridge and freezer, the pipes don’t leak, the slide-out works...even the awning.  We haven’t tried the tub yet or air conditioner.  When it rains, the roof doesn’t leak…. Like amazing. J Thank you, Lord.

Inside our Little Traveling House -
The SlideOut: This single feature MAKES our house.  14’ long and it extends out quite a ways (perhaps 4’) as well.  We are always blown away by how roomy this place feels.  We even have enough room for a 6’ table inside during mealtimes. Score!  Royal sits at the head of the table in his sassy seat.

Sleeping: So, everyone has a bed.   This is such a HUGE plus when traveling.  There’s a queen up front, 4 bunks in the back, a fold out couch, and a fold-down table/eating area.  We’ve opted to leave the table down and use the bed for sleeping during the night, and a storage spot during the day (for those misc items).  Vienna gets the couch and we leave it folded up, too.  And, there’s even plenty of room for the pak-n-play.

The BunkHouse: 4 of the boys get to room in the bunkhouse.  Each young chap has a tub for their clothes and other belongings at the end of their bed.  In the middle is a huge cabinet that I’m using for a pantry.  Above the cabinet is a tub full of extra bedding.  And, below the bottom 2 bunks is all our extra food storage and paper goods.

The Kitchen:  Loving it!  It’s small, but conveniently has everything we need.  The trick so far has been to take everything off the shelves and put it in the sink, for traveling.  Then, I just pull it back onto the counters and we have our working and cleaning spaces.  The boys have been helping with meals and washing and drying dishes.  There’s no counter space available for just leaving things around, so it’s teamwork to keep things tidy.  This is excellent training for us all to work together.

Blast from the past:
We were driving down the road and I remembered a story from our past.  Years ago, when there were Dwight and I and the three youngest, we went and lived in Aiden, CA with Warren and Sherri and their kids for a few weeks.  Well, being the spry young folks that we were J, we opted to take our small goat herd along with us, so we’d have fresh milk each day.  No big deal! :-) We also took our travel trailer (Dwight had bought one before we were married).  This meant that we had 2 rigs: Dwight’s truck pulling the goats in a horse trailer. And, myself driving our Excursion towing the travel trailer.
I was following Dwight.  I looked down at my taco and took a bite and when I looked back up, I see him practically dead stopped ahead of me and pulling around to the left of this rig in front of him, who had slammed on their brakes.  They were turning right, but had stopped enough to flip him off on their left.  There was no time to STOP, so I just swerved around to the right of him off the shoulder!  Dwight swerved left, and I hauled around him on the right (at like 55mph) – off the shoulder, bouncing across the cross street and back onto the highway in front of Dwight.  We bounced and jerked so much so that the steps to the trailer came out.  I don’t even want to know what would have happened if the guy would have actually been turning right at that moment.

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