Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Photos ... documenting life, capturing moments

There's something delicious about PHOTOS!
Looking at a photo and remembering what happened.  Capturing those precious moments, reliving the emotion, the joy and laughter.
I'm not so much a photographer as a ... document-er.  I like to record (perhaps that's my accounting background at work in a more creative lights).  I like to review my life at a glance, and see the laughter on my children's faces, the adventure they experience, the successes they've had, the skills they've acquired.  Capturing the moments ...
This week's moments:
Blanket time with Vienna ... is she the center of our world right now or what? :-)

Vienna in the soap office - sitting on the shipping peanuts

Vienna loves her Daddy!  And Dwight loves his little girl. :-)

Patches with her large doeling.

Leroy, the farm frog, surprisingly made his appearance in my kitchen sink.  I was wondering why the boys kept asking me to do dishes ... they were trying to SCARE me!!!

Quint - the puzzle man!

Vienna up at the goats

Gentle Lady and her 2 kids born yesterday

She's a little farm-girl. :-)

Wyatt adoring the new kids!

Oh my! He looks like he could be falling asleep.

Cuteness!  He's holding their feet... :-)


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  2. I tried comment on this posting when you first posted it, but for some reason I am not able to post from my cell phone. :/

    i had to look twice at the first photo of Wyatt with the kids. I thought "Ty" when I first saw it--most likely because Wyatt's eyes are almost closed! He is getting so grown up looking. :)

    You are a terrific documenter, Marilee! You and Maria (in Sound of Music) have something in common: being surprised by a frog--what a healthy looking one it is, too. I love the picture of Dwight and Vienna. Oh, all of the pictures are so darling! Did Quint put that barn together by himself?

    A fan,