Saturday, June 8, 2013

Our Date

How long has it been since we were on a date???  I honestly can't recall. Oh, wait, I remember .. it was at the end of the Fortified Families Marriage Retreat held the beginning of May.  Rachel Z was babysitting, so  we moved the wheel-lines together then went to Sisters for dinner at Takoda's.  We stopped in that nice park and walked across the covered bridge hand-in-hand. Ah ... that was a nice little walk down memory lane. :-)  I'd forgotten!

Ok, so 1 month in between dates isn't that bad ... but it feels like forever. :-) :-)  We tend to pack our months fuller than is reasonable.  One month feels like 3 round here.

Let's face it, the main reason we don't get out more is that we don't like to leave our favorite people!!! :-)

They're so fun!  If we have any extra time left after chores, cleanup, farm projects, lawn maintenance, etc ... we want to do something fun together!! :-)

Dwight got the idea one evening, when we were both enjoying a private conversation at the end of the table.  We were all googly-eyed and romantic and felt like we were on a date - ignoring the cheerful banter from the boys.  He then got the idea to serve a little Apple Cider Vinegar (NO!) ... Sparkling Apple Cider, that is.  He poured our champagne flutes and we continued our "secluded" visit. :-)  The once oblivious boys soon became aware and began to participate in our impromptu date in their own ways.  Burnell decided to pretend to be our waiter and serve us ice-cream.  Others thought that we should share our bubbly with them.  Ahhh.... :-)  The bottle of sweet liquid quickly disappeared and our moment became more public, but it was so much fun that I decided to recreate a similar "date experience the next week.  No babysitter, no expensive restaurant ... just lots of fun with our favorite people! :-)

So, the above picture is our wait staff. :-)  Amid preparing the meal, feeding the baby, decorating the table, and getting ready ... we did't have time to dress them (or clean them up, for that matter).  But, they're adorable anyway - dirt and all!

Me and my love

Our "booth" on the front porch

The boys at their table - decorated, too.

Our waiters always "close" in case we need anything. :-)
 Dwight with our meal of Roasted broccoli and sweet onions and Pasta with meat sauce.  I didn't get a picture of our awesome House salad.

Another dirty little waiter (Ty) checking in on us.

Burnell learning to serve bubbly.

Quint was learning, too.

And ... Wyatt wanted to taste-test our banana splits - quality control and all.

Our glasses from our wedding.

Can't wait to go on another awesome date!


  1. Can I babysit them? PLEASE? :) such handsome young men! :) Sold some of your soap today at the School House Produce!

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  3. Creative dating, for sure. It looks as if each family member enjoyed this date. You are giving the boys good memories and showing them how fun marriage can be!

    This reminds me of the time Kathryn, Kyla, Kelsey, and Baylor gave us a "date." They set up a table that looked similar to yours on the deck by the pond. They had a CD player playing background music; they prepared a nice meal (with help from Aunt Naomi), donned khaki skirts and pants and white tops and took our orders and served our food. We visited and watched the sun go down over the Sisters Mountains. Very pleasant indeed. :) They had put twinkly lights on the rails that go over the "creek," but they could not do lights and music, so they opted for music.

    I highly recommend the deck for your next date! :)

    You are such a handsome couple! The pictures of your little men checking up on you and sipping your cider and tasting your banana splits and generally delighting in your time and attention are priceless and precious.

    Thank you for sharing.

    Much love,


  4. Love this, Marilee. You guys are so handsome together! and what sweet boys you have too! I love you! Carla:)

  5. So much fun! I love it! Thanks for sharing, Aunt makes me feel like we hang out more. =) Love you!

  6. This is precious family time. You have such a beautiful and fun blog Merilee. It's fun to see all the pics of your family learning and growing together.