Monday, July 8, 2013

Birthday bashes

Burnell's Birthday

June 10th arrived, and so did Eliashib and Isaac Zwonitzer.  Apparently, Burnell had a great idea for a birthday to remember, and invited his buddies to come over for the day.  He told them to arrive at 10am. :-) Good idea, BD.  What fun they all had all day.
Birthday cake and ice-cream for the 9-year-old
 Our new tradition:  Treasure Hunt and Pinata!  The boys love running all over the property looking for golden "clues".  One is always hidden in the pinata - which leads them to their treasure: aka presents. :-)  I think I love it about as much as they do.
Reading his own clues

The Clarks help out

Aren't these the spunkiest Grandmas you've ever seen? :-)

Uncle Ryan's Birthday ... Bowling

I think the last time we bowled was in Colorado for the Padwe Family Reunion.  I'm thinking this is a Padwe interest here.  After a few warm-up games, Daddy (Ted) bowled a 201 - and was incredibly excited, let me add.  He earned it. What a fun game. Several of the boys even got strikes and spares - legitimately!  I was impressed.

Ty's hilarious way of getting the ball down the lane ... sprawl and chuck it as hard as you can!

Ecstatic over another STRIKE!!
 And ... bumper cars.  The boys brought their own money so that they could have a turn on these.  You can just imagine the enjoyment that the boys and their Daddy had out there, crashing into each other.

Cheering the team on ... Dwight the Man!

Quint (still 3) thought he was in 7th heaven!  He actually managed the controls amazingly - which is so Quint.


  1. Fun, fun, fun!

    Go Ted; I rarely (never?) play with anyone who scores very near 200, let alone OVER 200! Granted, I do not bowl often, but I am impressed!

    The boys joy is a delight; Dwight's bowling form is nice; the bumper cars surely do not look like the ones we used to "bang" around in! They are much softer impact, as well--still fun.

    Isn't it nice to have birthdays to celebrate together?

    Love and hugs,

    Mama j

  2. I didn´t know you could score over 85 without the sides up!