Monday, July 8, 2013

My Grand Birthday Picnic

At some point while I was awaiting Vienna's birth, or just after ... I had an idea.  Me and my ideas!  Well, this one seemed do-able.

A picnic ... in Victorian style, dresses, sun hats, picnic baskets, flowers, quilts.  The works.  With a delightful menu to boot.

My family so graciously obliged me.  Burnell actually loves my ideas and takes them on as his own.  He purposely mowed the lawn out by the pond so that it would be ready for my party.  What a sweetie.  And Dwight got all the boys' hair combed (although some thought it would be fun to go "spikey").

Using as many Longaberger picnic baskets as I could find, and some other pretty things, here's what we came up with:

 Raspberry Lemon Water

 Ice cold Root Beer - a total treat!

Carrot Cake ... my favorite!

Turkey Sandwiches with all the fixins

Friends and family (I would have loved to have had Naomi & Paula here, too, but they were both gone to CA. Bummer. We'll have to do it again soon.)

 Me and my baby girl. So love dressing up this little smiley princess.  I borrowed her flower for my hair. :-)

And, the family shot.  Aren't we color coordinated and all.  Dwight refuses to wear aqua. :-)  Everyone is so sweet to get dressed up for Mama's picnic.  They're great sports!

 More candids: (I do not get how blogger places these photos!)

The love of my life!  I adore this guy.

Look what my Momma painted for me!  An original piece of watercolor artwork for my wall, by request. :-)  She had fun painting one of her favorite places - Sahalie Falls.  The McKenzie River is a gorgeous aqua blue.  So beautiful!  Thank you, Momma.


  1. Absolutely spectacular idea and so much involvement and love from your family. Smiles and happiness abound. It's me Sherry H enjoying your blog!

  2. This is over-the-top beautiful. The setting, the people, the color, the dress, the spiky hair, the water fun, the family photo, the food pics--so professional--like one would see in a magazine: the table shot and the picnic basket shot (with just a hint of a pink peony at the top--well done! I am sorry to have missed it, but look forward to a "rerun, just for fun!"

    Big hugs and lots of love,

    Mama j

  3. The picture of Chance with the boat in the bushes looks like a painting!

  4. Prettier every year... how do you pull it off? Happy Birthday, my sweet three day older than me sister in law!

  5. Love it...AND love you! For having a family with eight girls, we sure haven't pulled off a tea party as elegant as the one your six sons helped you with. It looks like a splendid party! Happy Birthday!