Monday, April 14, 2014

Getting all our ducks in a row ...

Is that possible???

Practically? - NO.  I don't think I'll ever have all my ducks in a row. But, that doesn't keep me from trying to gather of few of them up and put in order, none-the-less.

We've had a LONG season of ...............  how should I put it?  Stretching beyond ...... :-)

Between starting and working around the clock on our super-fun new soap business in 2012, having baby #7 in Jan 2013, dealing with the whooping cough in the spring of 2013, making it through our busy, full summer of shows and camp, and having lots of birthdays and  family reunions in the fall ....... whew!  It's TIME to get things back to some semblance of normalcy, people! :-)

Children thrive on routine - so I'm told. :-)  I would so like to see my children thrive, and have routine.  I have yet to have a consistent, regular routine in place for an extended period of time, so this is really uncharted waters.  I'd like to blame my super visionary, spontaneous and extreme husband for this one.  And I do!  But, really, I've learned that the discipline of "self-discipline" is much harder for even me to instill than I expected.

Let's face it:  I have excuses!  And lots of them. :-)

But here's what ducks we have put in place for now -- subject to change at any moment.

Self-discipline:  I have come to understand (after more than 10 years of trying to figure this one out), that it begins with me GOING TO BED AT A REASONABLE HOUR.  Duuuhhh.  I know this is a serious statement of the obvious, but I really must admit that I've tried to talk myself out of this one a number of times.  You see, if the whole family is on a later schedule, then I can stay up later myself.  It's an opportunity for "Quiet, alone, personal time." Dwight is a "late" person, and I'm supposed to be on his schedule, right?  It's our time together.  But, the truth is, I'm just not disciplined.  I still need to go to bed earlier than I do, because .....

That helps me to WAKE UP more enthusiastically in the morning.  The children wake up and are raring to go ... so must I be.  I've often let Dwight handle morning shifts (choosing to stay up late to hang out with him instead, and sleep in the mornings).  However, I think this has more negative affects on our family routine than I have given it credit for.  So, I'm trying to be as rested as possible, so that I'm ready for mornings.

Third, BIBLE TIME with the children in the morning.  After breakfast, the most important part of our day must take place -- or else we'll just get busy and forget.  We tidy up and then have our special time with the Lord.  We either make time and prioritize time with GOD in our lives, or we just don't. So, it must become habit in our home.

So, that's a start.  If I can remember to go to bed, then the rest should fall into place. :-)  I'm looking forward to reaping the rewards and being able to add other things to our lives.

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