Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Dunes at Cape Kiwanda

A mountain of sand!

Here we are at the bottom of a gigantic mountain of sand. The fearless crew of young men charged up the hill and quickly became specks as Vienna and I watched from below.  The sand dunes of Cape Kiwanda are famous - for their height, perhaps?  All 6 boys made it to the top with Dwight...

You would think that on the other side of this massive sand hill would be another sand hill of the same soft sand.  However, THIS is what is on the other side:  a steep cliff of rocks and sand.

 And they all came running back down as fast as they could ...

 We (the girls, as well) then climbed up another side of the dune to the left and found this beautiful sight just over the crest.  
Aha!   A beautiful place to explore again on a low-tide day.

Dwight and the 4 oldest hiked up and around and down to sea-level.  The power and beauty of the ocean were spectacular as the waves come crashing into the rocks.  

Exploring a bit around a rock that reminds us of "Monkey Face" here at Smith Rocks.  (No, they're not twins, they just like to dress alike sometimes).

Back "home" on our beach, I get my fill of photo-ops with this darling little girl playing all over the warm, sandy beach. Complete with a sandy binky, pink everything, and the coolest shades, she's ALL GIRL!

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