Friday, May 30, 2014

Getting the water lines up

Getting the water lines up

There are 26 acres of hay on Grandpa's property here.  The fields in this high desert are irrigated by the Tumalo Irrigation District which sends ice-cold snow run-off, from their reservoir, down the miles of irrigation canals
 ... to us!

The water is "turned on" at the end of April each year.  Once this water is on, it fills the ponds and can be pumped out to water the fields.  

The metal pipes have to be put out, the pump has to be repaired, primed, and started.  Valves need to be fixed, seals repaired, and lots of other little maintenance issues.

Burnell and Dwight working on the lines ... father and son...

... while the next generation puts out the pipes.

Orin - the Hurdler

Me and my photography, again ...

Wyatt's gotta lean the ropes, too.  

Dwight and Chance - having a blast, as usual!

Burnell - the veteran - teaching Orin how to operate the motor that moves the entire wheel line.  This is serious business!

Ty watching from a distance ... can they do it?

And the water is UP!

Now it's time to PLAY!
The pond overflowed and made a shallow little pool for Vienna to play in!  She loved wading around in the sun-warmed water.

Earthworm hunting!

There's always time for hugs and kisses!

Big brother Orin helping Vienna around the field.

Chance takes his turn at the wheel ... imaging he's on a racetrack no doubt!

Love this shot

Work's done ... 

Yes, this happens 'round here ... and she LOVES it!

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