Friday, May 30, 2014

Spring has arrived! Dragging the field

Springtime 'round these parts means getting the fields ready ... and playing OUTSIDE!!!  Yeah for sunshine and the warmth it brings.

Burnell (our soon-to-be 10-yr-old) gets to start off the prep by dragging the hay fields.  After the horses have been on the fields "fertilizing" all winter, we then have to help spread the organic fertilizer around. :-)

I remember when I used to drive our tractor in NY.  So fun!

 Picture-perfect days.  Looks like a couple of geese have decided that our pond is the perfect place for nesting.

Dirt + Water = MUD
I guess I can't keep her clean forever. :-)  

 Quint finds some eggs in the haybarn.

I love that Grandpa & Gram's place here has a sandbox!  The children play for hours.  One of THE best "toys" you can give a child. That and a trampoline.  Hours of fun ...

 Time for some water on these hot spring days.  And since the pond is still ice cold, we'll revert to the hose on the slide.

 The master-minds at work.

Practicing my photography ... 

And there Ty goes!

Oooohhh ... it's still COLD! :-)

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