Thursday, March 1, 2012

The amazing cook off!!!

8 casserole dishes, 6 pots, 16 cups of freshly ground whole wheat, 5 lbs of organic beef, 1 gallon of fresh goat milk, 8 lbs of cheese, 5 lbs of chicken, several cans of tomatoes, olives and sauces, and 8 hours later ... we have successfully made 14 meals and 6 loaves of bread.  That should last us for 2 weeks.  I'm excited about not having so many dishes and cleanup each day.  Big thank yous to Rachel, Naomi, and Esther Z for all the help.  I leave the room and the meal prep continues!!  Such amazing help!

And, while all this was happening in the kitchen, Grandma Gail was busy painting our back room.  She engaged many little helpers who all declared "I love painting!!" when the job was done.  She had them edging and rolling.  Chance showed me the particular technique of rolling up and then pushing on the way back down.  Wonderful! 

Our treat ... a homemade marionberry protein shake - complete with homemade kefir, fresh raw goat milk, and fabulous GNLD protein.

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