Friday, March 16, 2012

Family life

I woke up this morning early, thanks to Wyatt.  A project that has been awaiting me for 6 months beckoned me from the guest room, where I keep my sewing machine all set up.  Using left-over pieces of jeans (the ones that couldn't be patched!), I quickly made up my little piece of art.  What fun to feel domestic to the fullest!  I even had to rethread the machine real quick.  The fact that I can now do this task "real quick" means that I've been spending more time at my sewing machine.  I love this knowledge!

Earlier this week, I found that I had some "stuff" to do on the computer.  During this time, Chance, Ty, and Quint decided to play in the laundry/pantry room.  Their first plan, was to remove everything off the shelves so they could have "beds."  Hmmm...  Then, they brought all the blankets off their beds into this small space to help with the project.  They had a blast!

This little smiley guy just never stops smiling!!! I'm so blessed by his giggles and love.  Wyatt Courage is a delight and a gift to this home!  He just got his 7th tooth today with more to come.  He's eating solids now and finally added goat milk (via a bottle) to his diet.  Wyatt turns 1 year old next month!  Can't believe its been a whole year since he was born in Hawaii.

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  1. Love your pillow door keeper-- and the tale of the pantry house!

    Were the boys as excited to place the items back on the shelf as they were to take them off?

    Cute photo of you and Wyatt--and, yes, it is difficult to believe that it has already been a year since you were in HI.

    I am so glad you are blogging again!

    I viewed your complete profile and see that Dwight filled a lot of it in!

    Love and hugs,