Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Our New Business - All Natural Goat Milk Soap

I'm sure you've heard!!!  We have started a new business!  I want to officially introduce you to Bend Soap Company, the best soap in town!  Check out our website, hear the story, read about everything, and place an order if you like. www.bendsoap.com

Dwight started playing around with making his own goat milk soap last summer.  He made 3 batches -- one Oatmeal/Honey and one Unscented and one Peppermint.  We waited for 4 weeks until we were able to try that very first bar.  So exciting ... finally the day came.  We were blown away by how soft our skin felt and how amazing the lather was.  It was great.  But, the most amazing part was how Chance's eczema was helped.

We gave out several samples and found that people loved the product and wanted more.  So, he made more ... lots more!  I designed a website and he bought some larger soap-making equipment and voila!

Now, only a few months since our "soft launch" date, we see that we are outgrowing ourselves already.  We now have several "helpers" making the soap.  We just brought on an SEO/Social Media guy.  We have someone helping to update our photos and graphics.   And, we are moving into the next phase.  Super exciting!

Orin loves the smell!
The boys love helping out.  Just recently, they helped Grandma Gail paint our office and move all the labeling, packaging and shipping stuff in there (since we outgrew the table in the living room).  Burnell can read the labels and help pull orders now.  Super fun!

 Our first Sales Training Meeting went well.  We had 5 young adults come and get training on how to present.  Dwight - with all his awesome sales experience, uses humor, Cutco sales methods, etc.  We love sales!

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