Saturday, December 7, 2013

Bend's first snow

It finally happened!!

SNOW ... and lots of it!

And, freezing cold temperatures ... but we can handle that. :-)  Break out the sleds, folks!

We have the privilege of living on this awesome property here in Bend where there is this huge grass hill out back.  When covered in snow it makes the PERFECT SLEDDING HILL!  Yahooooooo!

We got a dusting the first day - but that didn't stop anyone from bundling up and taking to the "slopes."

All 7 of our snow bunnies.

Loading up the sled for a faster ride

I loved to eat snow when I was young.  How's that taste, Wyatt?

Orin's moving (aka hauling).  Adrenaline junky - just like Daddy

Oh, yeah ... and there's a big metal building at the bottom of part of the hill. :-)  
Oooh, ouch!  How's your head, Orin?

Vienna's first time out in the snow.  She's 10 months old now and loving life.

The boys spent hours sledding yesterday and again HOURS and hours sledding today.  Such fun, such memories.

And then, we tried out the pond.  It was slicker than slick.

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