Saturday, December 7, 2013

Family Project - splitting and stacking wood

Frozen fingers and toes are no fun.  But, when you have to go out in the freezing cold to do a farm chore, that's even more of a bummer.  It is often unavoidable, in this northwestern land that we live.  But when it isn't necessary, I'm all about finding a way around it.

So it seems, with most Novembers, we tromp out into the forest to hack down and bring back several cords of wood for our winter needs.  We often make several loads from the wood pile but never quite seem to finish off the pile.  So, we find ourselves going out to the woodpile in the middle of the winter and splitting more wood.  Sometimes you have to brush off the snow and break the log free from its frozen position in order to split it.   Why do we do it this way?

This year, I was determined to get the wood split during our latest warm spell - which lasted all the way into December.  

Our goal:  get it ALL split and stacked before the cold rain and snow hit.  We had 4 cords to split, many helpers, and beautiful days.  We could do it!

Everyone helped - from Daddy on down to Wyatt.  I was so impressed!  The big boys rocked the splitter, taking turns until Daddy took over.  They also took turns loading the golf cart, driving it up, and stacking.  What a crew!

 Timing was critical to our success.  The splitter had to work fast enough to stay ahead of the loaders.  Then, when a load was taken up, the wood was pushed off and dumped for the stackers - who hurried to get their pile stacked before the golf cart came back with another load.  At one point, Orin and Ty got a bit behind in their stacking.  We thought they might need help, but when we came up with the next load, they were standing there, looking bored, with every piece stacked!  We were amazed at their haste.  I guess Orin just decided to inspire the both of them to "bust it out" before the next load arrived.  What determination!

Burnell holding a gopher that he "took care of"

Goal accomplished!  It took us several days, but we kept at it and filled that shed. The rain and then snow came the very next day.

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