Monday, December 16, 2013

Field Trip to Brian's Cabinets

Super fun day, today!

Field Trip to Brian's Cabinets - a locally owned custom cabinet-making shop here in Bend.  Dwight met the owner, Todd Hakala, at a football game, and it was the start of a friendship.  Todd offered to give a tour of the business - which is why we were there today.

We showed up at 10AM and were greeted in their cool showroom.  After everyone was given goggles, we started on the amazing tour.
 This 33,000 sq ft warehouse is full of equipment, processes, and helpers who offer a large variety of custom cabinets - all the way from kitchens, to bathrooms, closets, and garages.  Amazing!
 Our first stop was to see a genuine CNC - computer controlled robotic thing.  It takes full sheets of wood and cuts out the cabinet panels, drills holes to spec, cuts grooves, etc.  We were all blown away!
 This cool machine has 4 saw blades.  A board is lined up and there are laser lights that show where the blades will be cutting.
 This sanding machine has 3 belts - 1st rough, 2nd medium, 3rd fine.  A board goes through and is sanded by all three.
 Wyatt, you're hired, man!
Dwight was like a kid in a candy shop.  He was blown away by all the equipment and what they can do with it.  Here, Todd is showing us the custom crown molding they make here using one of the machines with multiple bits.  One pass and the whole piece is perfectly shaped.
 Quint was quite impressed with this knotty alder set of cabinets.  This is bucks up cabinetry here.
We all thanked Todd for the tour and he kindly gave the boys some scrap wood and the goggles to use in their own "shop."  These boys have definitely been inspired.

Thank you so much Brian's Cabinets!  We think you guys rock!

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