Monday, April 22, 2013

Idaho/Washington Trip - Pt 1: Driving

On Wednesday, Dwight informed me that we were going to leave town ... the next day!
Ok!  :-)  We quickly pack up and are on our way by noon (which is an amazing feat for us).  Having not really traveled as a family since our time in Hawaii, it felt like a new and exciting adventure. 

Let the journey begin

The boys were GREAT travelers.  We made it all the way through Madras and then stopped at the cutest little "rest stop" on the side of the road in a small town, complete with playground for some cramped legs to get some stretching in.

We decided to have a little fun with our "Basketball Team" travelers.
Here's the lineup...

  Show 'em what ya got!  Oh yeah?!

 The pyramid - much harder than it looks. (Look at Chance! and Quint!)

"1-2-3-Jump!"  Apparently "reaction time" becomes quicker with age.  Wyatt is still on the ground. :-)

These guys are sooo fun!  Have you seen grins that big?  I think they love that Daddy of theirs who makes all things fun. :-)

Time to "load up."

Columbia River Gorge/Kennewick

Past the Dalles we see a huge dam on the Columbia River!  Burnell even spotted a "lock" for the boats to pass through.

It is sooo windy from the gorge to Kennewick.  There are hundreds of these windmills - makin' someone money!  Burnell took this photo himself.

Of course, every road trip HAS to have one of these stops. :-)

I forget what we were talking about, but I think I was sarcastically saying "I'd want to live in this place."   Chance says, "why would you want to live there??  It's a pile of junk!"


Coming out of the open and all of the sudden, there's a lake surrounded by pine trees.

One of the boys says, "Hey look, there's John Deere tractors."
"Guess we're in John Deere country," Burnell says.

Into Spokane - a beautiful rainbow welcomes us. Can't see it? Me either. :(

On to Post Falls and our stay with Gabe and Mandy Booher....

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  1. I saw the rainbow it is to the left! Isn't that area amazing? We love to visit Gabe and Mandy. It was great to "visit" vicariously through ya'll!
    My favorite picture in this blog is the one of the kids jumping... adorable!