Monday, April 1, 2013

Moving the horses from Grandpa's

At the end of last week, the horses had to be moved from Grandpa's house to ours.  Dwight decided to ride the horses over instead of trailering them.  3 horses needed 3 riders.  So, Grandpa Burnell, Dwight, and Burnell made the journey.

This may not seem like a big deal to some, especially if you're the type that rides horses all the time.  But, for this family, it is an event that doesn't happen that often.  We are hoping that the boys can ride more, now that the horses are back over.

What a great skill to be able to have ... to be able to ride a horse.  Dwight is an amazing rider!  I love seeing him atop a horse.  He's so confident (the opposite of me) and relaxed (also the opposite of me).
I couldn't have been more proud watching them arrive on horseback from the 7+ mile ride.

Here they are:  Burnell on River, Grandpa Burnell on Bachelor, and Dwight on Lucy (I think that's her name)

Burnell is almost 76-years old and still acting like a young'n.  Way to go, Burnell!  You inspire us!  Not only in your horse-back riding skills, but in your style. :-)  Lookin' sharp.

Almost immediately, the other boys ask Daddy for rides. 

Burnell, off of River and mounting Bachelor

Orin, chillin' on the River

Chance, atop Lucy

What a special delight to see my 3 young men riding off on their own steeds.  
OK, I was a little nervous, too.  I don't think they're quite ready to be on their own yet.  Can't horses take off and bolt down the field?? Can't their riders be flung off and trampled?  OK, perhaps I've gotten my fears from Hollywood.

Here they come ... looking so relaxed and loving it!

In truth, Chance's horse DID take him for a little run (trot, canter ... I don't know).  He hung on tight, and then got bucked off on a turn.  :-(  Poor guy.  No picture, as I was too busy yelling "Hang on!" and then running over to see if he'd been trampled by the beast! See, horses can bolt and riders be thrown.  
Chance got a little bruised when his back landed on a rock.  But, the brave little guy went back up on the Blacky, with some comforting words from Daddy promising that he would hold onto the reigns -- at least until he learned to be in control of the beast.

So proud of my husband and his young men.  What a moment!
Hence, it is now documented... :-)


  1. Love this post! Thank you for sharing the photos!
    Don't men look hunky on horses!
    I share your "Hollywood" fear of horses also. I don't know how tame Mama and Daddy's horses are either! Not your "merry go round" type at all!
    Love you,

  2. That Grandpa looks like a real cowboy! He looks mighty manly and handsome in that picture. I like your captions. Thank you for documenting that fun adventure, Marilee!

    I was impressed with how huge Dwight looked when he was on Lucy! I like the way you spelled reigns; I think it is fitting, because managing the reins causes the rider to reign on the horse. :)

    It is good to have them near people who might give them some well-needed exercise!

    A fan, Mama xoxo