Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Idaho/Washington trip - Pt 4: Chewelah

Chewelah, WA - McGuire's

We had a blast staying with the McGuire's!!!  Love this family!! Dwight and Dan worked together at Chad's Achademy last year and are planning on participating again this next year.  They have a lot in common.  Rebekah and I are so much alike, too. In fact, our dresses that we wore to the wedding were practically identical. :-) As couples, we have similar stories of how we ended up together.  Lots of fun.

 The boys hit it off with their children and didn't want to leave.  Of course!  What a blast they all had shooting arrows, hiking, building their own boat, dressing up, and just having an all around blast!

Here's the 2 little guys - who we think look quite a lot like each other, including their eyes.

And, a picture of a barn ... since I really like old barn photos. :-)


And, we also had  a quick visit with our cousins, Allan and Nicole Blain.  We love you guys!!!! This was our 1st time up visiting them since they  moved.  Thank you for the awesome lunch, guys!  Sorry we were late. :-(

Allan and Nicole have such a nice place and the kids loved playing there - however short it was.  Dwight and I enjoyed catching up with them and seeing what they've been up to.  Their piano teacher came over for lessons while we were there.  The boys swung on the rope swing, across the creek.

The view at their place ... ahhhhhhhh

The boys had soooo much fun knife throwing with Braden.  Seven boys with knives??  No problem.

Nicole and Vienna

Checking out their cool barn where the recent barn dance was held.

Their little haven - hammock, creek, shade trees, rope swing ...

And, a cool barn next door. :-)

Our time was full and fun.  We so enjoyed each and everyone.  It is such a beautiful area as well and we enjoyed getting to see it.

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