Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Idaho/Washington trip - Pt 5: Home via Johnsons

Traveling Home

We headed back home after visiting the Blains.

Burnell kept up his pattern of cleaning our windshields at each gas station.  He's such a helper.

Do you like my traveling buddies??  Vienna to my left, and Orin to my right.

And these 2 sleepers sacked out behind me on bench #2.  Chance and Ty kept roudy in the back - as usual.  If they're not wrestling, they're not living. :-)

Spring is coming!  The buds were out and the flowers blooming in northern Washington.  We're a bit farther behind in Bend, OR.  It was nice to be in an area where things GROW!!  


Super big treat ... a quick visit with some of our family: Chad & Jenise and kiddos.
Always bright and cheery and full of wisdom and encouragement, ideas and laughter.  We had fun visiting, chatting about Bend Soap Company ideas, housekeeping, and homeschooling.  Love our times with you guys!!!

If you wake up early enough in the barn (which is where we stayed), this is what you get to see!  The most beautiful milk crew ever. :-)

Nice work, ladies!  Nothin' like good 'ol raw milk! 

Look at the cowboys and cowgirls!  Western wear was the ticket for the day.

Here, the guys were busy working on a fabulous place in their home for Kimmy (who was in her art lesson). She was wowed when she returned.  They worked on it the entire morning!

Speaking of art lessons ... here's Karaline with Julia (their amazing teacher!).  What amazing talent these guys are developing with watercolor, and other mediums.  WOW!  Lot's of creativity.  We were blown away.

All good things must come to an end, and so we returned home, after our good-byes.

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