Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Birthdays and family

I realize that this post is out of date order, but I want to post anyway.  Hope you enjoy...

Ty's Birthday

The boys with Grandma Gail and Aunt Amy ... and the special handmade puzzle.

Sweet birthday boy -- looking like Grandpa Burnell in this photo, if you ask me.

A quick family photo (while Vienna is sleeping)

Ty's treasure hunt begins.  The boys had written clues and hid them all over the property.

Ty with one of his clues.

Whacking the pinata.  I think pinata's are becoming a bit of a Johnson family birthday tradition.

The special wrapping paper made by the boys.  Each circle was hand cut, glued, and decorated.

Grandma Gail helping Orin find Hawaii, Bolivia, and other places.

Hanging with the super fun Aunt Amy.

A special visit from Aunt Priscilla, too!

Taking the Aunties up to visit the goats.

Grams Birthday

By special request, the (local) grandchildren singing songs.  I realized that we need more practice in this area.  Quint doesn't even know "Jesus Loves Me."

The beautiful birthday girl with little Vienna.

Seeing as I'm often boring with captions, I almost left this photo blank.

Enjoying scones by Tumalo Coffee, fruit, muffins, and yogurt.

Uncle Derrick helped Burnell with the Guesstures game.  It's a little tricky to read AND act out the cards in time.

The joyful audience.

Wade sharing a Rhett & Link clip.

Burnell helping Quint

Look at those little eyes.

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