Monday, March 21, 2011

Car and Snorkeling

So, after Dwight and Burnell were dropped off back at our place by a kind policeman, things became quite mellow.  Nowhere to go.  Most of us napped while Dwight attempted to use an outdated way of contacting the outside world – the telephone book. J  Its amazing how much we rely on the internet now.
Fortunately, our 1 contact “Dado” came to our rescue.  He kindly brought a car to us and we are renting it from him for the month.  The pressure’s off for finding a van this minute – though we’d still like one.  Maybe it would be easier to just ship ours over afterall.  We’ll see.  Our new rig is a little 5 passenger Kia, no air conditioning, no power steering or windows, stick shift.  But, it hasn’t caught on fire yet!!!  Dwight and I took it into town, got groceries, looked for more car options, looked into opening a Bank of Hawaii account or PO box.  Endless little details.
Then … Dwight took Burnell and Orin snorkeling!!  YEAH!  Their enthusiasm was  adorable when they arrived home and told of all they saw and learned.  It takes a little getting used to – floating, breathing, etc.  But they got the hang of it.  Orin was a bit nervous to go again.  Dwight saw 2 massive turtles and gently pushed one up above the water for the boys to see.
It rains HARD here every night.  We have a metal roof and it sounds so loud and ominous at times.  The showers are brief, but powerful.  And EVERY night.  I like it.  The days are warm and sunny, typically. 
Sunday morning dawned bright and early with the munchkins waking at their usual 6:30am.  Grandma Gail is sweet enough to help everyone get up and dressed while Dwight and I sleep ‘til 7:00.  Such luxury. J  Then, she engages all 5 children in helping with breakfast!!  What a feat.  They’re up on the counters, measuring this, mixing that and flipping that.  WOW – she’s an amazing Grandma.  Quint is quite attached since Grandma likes to pick him up (and Mama doesn’t do that much anymore – he’s soooo heavy).
Burnell practicing his photography - pregnant Mama with a beautiful plumeria lei that Grandma Gail bought for me. Smells wonderful!!
Suzie gave the boys flowers to give to Mama - not sure what the pink ones are.  The white are gardenias (Grandma's favorite!). 

Dwight decided that we would check out a local church this morning.  He researched last night and found that one of the very first churches on the island was just down the road from us.  We were able to walk (since all 9 of us don’t fit in the car) the short distance to the church and arrived around 9:20.  The service started at 10:15 so we walked home and then back.  It is a delightful little church – Presbyterian.  The singing was led by a young girl in her senior year of school.  We sang “This is the Day” and 2 other familiar choruses and then “Pharoah Pharoah” – an interesting selection for the morning.  We sang 3 hymns – 2 in Hawaiian, the other “How Great Thou Art.”  There was some reading and congregational response.  There was a little skit.  We let the boys go to “Sunday School” with 3 other girls and Grandma Gail.  Then the pastor spoke – a nice woman in her 50’s.  J  Yikes. J  There was a time for prayer requests and joys and someone mentioned having us there as a joy.  She also prayed and thanked the Lord for the Men’s ministry keeping the grounds so nice.  Hmmm… The spirit there was nice and rejoicing.  The songs gave glory to the Lord Jesus.  The skit and message talked a lot of taking up your cross and “doing” your part for the Lord. After, we were invited to a “potluck” and fellowship.  Dwight and Grandma Gail tried the raw Ahi tuna that one of the men had brought.  Mmm.  I enjoyed the fresh baked bread. J
Home for a nap for Mama and the little ones.  Daddy took the oldest 3 snorkeling again.  Burnell and Orin, on their second times, were more exploratory.  Dwight said they just took off and saw all sorts of fish.  Super exciting. 
Dwight took Burnell out first.  He still kept thinking he was going to sink.  He didn’t’ want to try the fins yet, so he just swam around.  The water went way over Burnell’s head and Dwight just held him up with 1 hand as they cruised around together.  When they got back, Orin decided to try it, but with his fins.  They got into about 10’ deep water and Orin started to see all the fish. He began pointing and just took off!  Pretty much, the only time he needed Daddy was if his goggles filled up with water.  He LOVED it!  By the time they got back to the rocks, Burnell wanted to try it again with fins.  They all 3 swam around for about 20 minutes having a blast!  Chance held onto Daddy while they swam around.  It was his initiation to snorkeling.  Little nervous, but he did great.
No pictures of snorkeling.  Keep forgetting to take the camera.  Mama's going with them today - to document. :-)

Orin woke us up asking if we were going snorkeling again. J  We’re off to Kona to hit up Costco today.  Just might get to the water while we’re over there.
Orin is getting very good at catching lizards.  Here a little lizard starts to "bite" him.  Good pose.  Orin just laughed. 
PS - Loving everyone's comments on here and on FB!!  I can't reply to your comments on this blogger.  Send me your email address at so we can reply to you, too.  Love you all and having fun keeping in touch.  Praying for cousin Nicole's baby today.


  1. LOVE hearing about your adventures, Marilee! It was sweet that Paula read your blog post last night at fellowship - - - felt like you weren't so far away. :) We are so excited for you all and the new things that the Lord will continue to teach you there! HUGS to everyone, including your Mom. Wish we were there. :P

  2. Oh, what a grand blog entry, dear Marilee! You look so beautiful in your floral dress and lei. I am so thankful Gail is there to help you; perhaps the Lord allowed the early contractions to meet needs you did not know you would have!

    The boys look so happy--and Orin's fingernails are so clean--must be all that time in the water. :D What wonderful memories and what an education the boys are making/getting!

    I love the flowers Suzi gave the boys for you. Would one of the pink flowers be plumeria?

    Go, Gail, enlisting the young men's help with breakfast! It is interesting that you have four boys helping you as a grandma when you had four girls helping you as a young mama! :)

    Love these blog entries; thank you for taking the time to communicate, dear Marilee.

    Lots of love,


  3. the gardenias are beautiful! my favorite flower and something i miss about living in a tropical wet climate!! thanks for continuing to share your stories, makes me ready for a holiday!