Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Pictures!! Finally a few ...

Ty in the hotel
Burnell and Orin got to stay in a room with Grams and Grandpa.  Huge treat!
Just before going through security in Portland.
Row 1 of Johnson men.  Chance and Ty were right behind with Mama.
Watching airplanes, luggage carts, and those machines that push the airplanes away from the gate.
Eating a young coconut
Kapaho tide pools!! An awesome place for these white boys to explore.
One of the gulches I mentioned.  Dwight saw 2 whales today just beyond the cliffs!!
Chance tree climbing. They also swung on vines like Daddy did in the pictures from his last trip.  YEAH!
Burnell loving the wind in his face (and barking!)

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