Wednesday, March 16, 2011

No longer homeless :-)

We have a home!!  The Lord provided THE most wonderful place for us.  We are living in a custom-built mother-in-law quarters in a 3br/2bath home totally separate from the owners.  The owners live just a little further down the driveway.  They run a fruit orchard (the trees are all around the houses) and have horses and “rodeo” cows in the next field over.  The field across from us is totally empty and beautiful.  We basically see no one from our windows and there’s plenty of room for the boys to play and roam and be loud.
Our process to get to this home was amazingly humorous.  The house had been listed that morning and I had emailed and left my phone number , but forgotten a number.  Fortunately, the lady didn’t give up on me but emailed me back.  I gave her my full number and she called and we set up an 11:00 appt.  I was excited about this place.  Dwight found 4 more places to call (we’d upped our budget a bit and decided that a furnished place is the only way to go).  We had a 9:00 appt about an hour out of town and a 2:00 appt locally (but spendy).  We looked at 2 more inbetween and one was horrific, the other turned us down.
We arrived early to our appt and waited for the owner to get back from Hilo.  I started crying, it was so peaceful and perfect.  The lady liked us, despite the fact that we had 5 (soon to be 6) children.  Its overwhelming to some.  But, the boys won her heart (YEAH!) and she decided she liked us.  She’d have to talk to her husband.   She left us to go get an application, came back and asked us when we’d like to move in.  We said right now, if possible, paid the cash, and had a home … just like that.  Praise the Lord!!  Thank you to all that were praying, for it really did seem to be a miracle.
Once settled, Mama and little guys went down for a nap and Dwight took Burnell and Orin to a dive shop for snorkeling gear.  Little guy snorkeling gear is super cute!  Can’t wait to get pictures of these guys in the water.  Its drizzling today and we’re trying to get our car situation taken care of, but play time is a comin’.
I’ve been “going into labor” each night for the last 2 nights.  Hmmmm…. Seems to be that a baby will greet us soon.  I’m so glad to be in a good place.  My mother is supposed to be arriving today at 2:30 in Kona.  I’m delighted, since I thought Dwight and I were going solo last night.  Not exactly the plan.  We’re driving over to Kona to get her and hopefully get to go to Costco while we’re there to stock up.

Dwight’s humorous note this morning:  “According to dog code, Hawaii is officially our island.  We have marked every square inch of it.”  This relating to the fact that we stop about every 20 minutes for a potty break of some sort.  Ha!


  1. welcome home johnson family!!! very happy you have landed... miss marilee take good care of your beautiful self. lots of love and prayers for you.

  2. What a lovely answer to our request for "a nice house." :-) It is perfectly suited to you all.

    I am so thankful that Gail is able to be with you. Do you plan to contact the midwife you met?

    Thanks for posting the picture of the house. :)

    It will be fun to see the little ones in their snorkeling gear.

    Happy days!

    Big hugs all around,


  3. Yay! :) A place to come and visit one of my best friends and the new little baby. I am so glad you guys found a beautiful home. You are missed but I have enjoyed reading the updates and am looking forward to visiting soon.

    Love you and praying for you. Give hugs to all your men!