Thursday, March 17, 2011

To the beach!!!

What a beautiful day yesterday!!  We couldn’t be happier or imagined things being more wonderful. 
First things first … have to go to Starbucks to “connect to the world” via internet.  How do we survive without this???  Oh, and the coffee – for Dwight. J  While he shopped for cars, I took the boys to Walmart to get some items for our new abode (soaps, rags, a real skillet, food, etc).
We’ve been so thankful that Dwight is not allergic to anything here.  We thought perhaps he was since the first few mornings at our vacation rental he woke up with itchy eyes.  We think maybe there was a cat there at some point.  Thankfully, he’d clear out during the day.
We called in the reserves – aka Grandma Gail.  With my contractions, I began to feel that I needed Mama here soon.  So, Daddy found her an amazing flight out that very night!  (before all the spring break traffic).  So we drove over to Kona to get Grandma.  She arrived an got her luggage and was waiting all of 5 minutes before we pulled up.  We’d planned to be there earlier, but the Hawaiian way of traveling is SSSSSLLLLLLOOOOOOWWWW … like the speed limit, or something … or even slower!
While traveling home North of Kona we stopped at the beach.  A real beach, for the first time!!  The boys were absolutely in awe and having THE time of their lives.  The water is like bath water – 70 degrees ish.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen them in the sand before.  Orin was wearing his Tevas until I convinced him that there was nothing sharp this time.  J  They loved going out and then running back before the waves caught them.  This is definitely their playground.  Dwight and I felt a little like lifeguards – especially with Ty who can’t really judge when he’s gone too far out.  Quint was satisfied with sitting just where the waves would wash up around him, next to Grandma Gail.  Aaaahhhh!!!!!!  This is HAWAII!
Feeling revived and refreshed, we drove through Waimea again and stopped for Thai food, Dwight’s choice.  The Spicy Chicken he ordered burned his mouth like nothing he’s ever had before! J  Everyone else enjoyed Cashew Chicken and Pad Thai.  We had the restaurant to ourselves and our waitress loved us. J  She served us 2 dishes of dessert for free – with toasted coconut ice cream and leiche (sp?)ice cream ( a local fruit – perhaps the one grown here on the orchard we live in).  Super sweet.
Home at last … to our own beds.  It felt so good, I didn’t even have 1 contraction!
Up at 6:30 this morning with the light.  Feeling rested and relaxed.  We have to return our rental car this evening so car shopping is necessary.  We have lots of numbers to call and people to connect with.
We were almost ready to go, when a neighbor drove up and told us the cows were out!!  Our landlords, the Hamiltons, went camping yesterday and will be gone through Friday.  Sooooo…. off go Dwight and his 2 oldest herdsmen to help get the cows back in.  They’ve been gone for over an hour now.  Hope everything is going well …

Love you all!!


  1. Oh! Oh! Oh! How good to read about your fun times! I am thankful things have moved into more of a vacation mode and very thankful that Dwight is allergy free. :)

    Thanks for posting the pictures; they look very Hawaiian and the boys look as if they are having a grand time. It is heart warming to see you and Dwight carefree in the water!

    I know Gail loves the beach, so it is good she can be there before the baby comes to enjoy some vacation time, as well.

    Big hugs and lots of love,

    Mama J

  2. I forgot to comment on the cows getting out. You went across the Pacific Ocean and still have to deal with break-away cows. Is the neighbor's name George? :D :D

    Hope they were successful in retrieving the cows. Perhaps the Hamiltons will lower the rent a tad since Dwight is tending their cattle? :)

    Love you all!

  3. Well... the goats got out once here. :) But we had a little discussion and everyone's staying in their rightful place - except the chickens! :)

    I can't WAIT to hear the story about your car...

    Oh the adventures, I wish I could hear them in person. Save some adventurous moments for when your friends come a visiting.

    Love you!