Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Well, have you been wondering where we’ve been??  Stuck in the land of no technology!!  Ah!  We had no internet access for one day, and then a “sensor” on our computer went out and won’t let us access the internet.  We had our computer at a repair shop over the weekend, but to no avail.  So, we’ll see when you get this….
On Thursday, Dwight and Orin went exploring!  They are both from the same cloth and LOVE this sort of activity.  They hiked all over lava rocks and searched for beaches.  Orin is a blast – totally game and cheery.  They made a great team.  The SCORE of the day was finding a coconut tree and harvesting some young coconuts for us.  They brought them home and we got lots of yummy, pure coconut water for Quint’s bottles.
A new coconut tree growing from a coconut on a black sand beach

Friday was Ty’s birthday in which he turned 3 years old!  Always calling himself Tyrell Sackett, this new 3-year-old delighted in having the Happy Birthday song sung to him ALL day (as long as you sang Happy Birthday dear Tyrell Sackett!)  Dwight took him on a “date” to Starbucks and then they stopped at the Mauna Lau macadamia nut visitor center.  Mmmm… samples. J  We all had a chocolate cake for dessert and Ty blew out the candles that spelled his name.
TY -- the Birthday boy

 Saturday was very restful for us.  Dwight took our computer in to get fixed and then we all chilled for the day.  The rain is refreshing and relaxing.  Being that its always in the 70’s, the rain doesn’t put a chill in the air, but is more like a warm shower.  The boys love playing in it.  It doesn’t last for long and then the sun is out.  We had a nice walk around the neighborhood and enjoyed all the varieties of trees.  There are some AMAZING estates along the one road we took!  Beautifully manicured lawns and “jungles” bordered by palms and lush greens.
A beautiful FULL double rainbow in our front yard

Quint feeling GREAT!

Burnell and Orin's lizards attacking each other

Sunday, our neighbors had some people over and practiced their cattle roping skills.  We enjoyed watching them, especially the young 8-10 year old boy that was doing quite well.  It reminded us of our dear Warren Johnson family.  The boys were SURE that their cousins were better than this little guy. J  I love the Palamino coloring of his horse!
In our evenings, we’ve enjoyed playing card games.  Burnell is quite capable at playing Solitaire now.  Even Grandma Gail breaks out her cards.  We had a great 3-way game of Rummy going, which Dwight smoked us all!  I would admit that 2 games of Solitaire are better for our marriage than Rummy. J  Actually, its fine.  Dwight keeps us all laughing.  He’s such a wonderful husband and Daddy.
The 3 little guys have been fighting a virus/cold.  I thought maybe it was the croup, started by Quint and a hoarse cough.  Could be.  They had high fevers for 2 days each, which thankfully are much lower now.  Just some congestion left over.  Praying that they get better and thankful that our new little one is safe in the womb still and not exposed.  The Lord’s timing is always the best.  Still waiting ... Taking lots of walks has definitely helped.


  1. Hey Family,

    Bout time you posted! Making me check in a couple times a day to get an update and...nothing! How sad! I love hearing what all you are up to! How Happy! :-) Think about you all and pray for you often. May the Lord continue to richly bless and keep you all.

    Love Uncle Chad

  2. A little late - BUT - Happy Birthday Ty! :)

  3. Let Ty know that after all the kids read about him singing "Happy Birthday Tyrell Sackett" they haven't stopped singing "Happy Birthday" to him. They make SURE to sing the Tyrell Sackett part...it's pretty catchy! :)
    Hope you all are doing well! I love you all!

    Love, Katie Joy

  4. I am sorry that you are having computer problems; I have gotten "addicted" to your blog!

    Much love and happy snorkeling!