Saturday, March 19, 2011

We have a car ... actually we HAD a car!

So … the rest of the cow story.  Dwight met the neighbors (a retired ER doctor and his wife) who showed him where the cows got out.  3 strands were busted on the fence.  Dwight popped the hinges on the gate nearby and herded the cows.  Silly cows, they went right back through the hole they’d made, not the open gate.  Ah, well … Dwight was able (with his amazing fence-fixing skills) to mend the hole.  He was also offered a job on the place by the doctor, helping mow lawns, tend to the place, etc.  Dwight’s shows himself so valuable to others all the time. J
The landlords (Bob and Suzie Hamilton) got back in touch with us and he offered Dwight all sorts of supplies, tools, and even the use of his quad to help him.  I think he’s glad to have Dwight around.  Dwight mentioned that he could feed the animals if they had to leave town again.  We double-checked and all 22 cows are accounted for.
Apparently, Bob and Suzie, who said they were going camping, actually  went to help their friends over in Kona whose house was hit by the tsunami waves.  It moved about 100’ from its location, into trees, during the tsunami.  They tried to move the house in 1 piece, but had to cut it in half, remove stumps, etc.  Crazy!!  They’re “camping out” and helping.  Too cool!
After the “rodeo” Dwight and I and Ty headed out to meet someone about a car.  We ended up waiting around forever to finally have him show up and tell us to follow him a block down the road.  He led us to a park where his Dad was waiting with a minivan.  Sketchy!!  Hmm… have to think about that one.  We saw lots of junk and finally found a little minivan being sold by a sweet young couple.  Yeah!!  Now we have a rig for our time here.  More stress relief!!
On a humorous note, I do most of the calling while Dwight drives.  When I’m talking to the Hawaiians, I start this whole “Hispanic” accent thing and not speaking in full sentences.  Its funny because Hispanics and Hawaiians are so similar.  Their laid-back way of life, their family ways, but especially their accents. 
Dwight’s intending on taking the boys snorkeling tomorrow.  They couldn’t be more excited.
STOP THE PRESSES!!  The drama continues. J  We all loaded up in the morning for our much -anticipated snorkeling trip.  We began to smell gas (while waiting in the driveway) and I noticed that a belt was hanging down below the engine.  Dwight checked and then had us all unload.  We wouldn’t be going anywhere. L  Big bummer and disappointment.  L L
After calling around, we found a mechanic in Kee’au (just 5 minutes down the road).  Dwight explained the situation and the mechanic said it would probably work for him to drive it that far.  Dwight took Burnell with him.  On the way, the car lit on FIRE!!! No, this is not an exaggeration … Dwight’s never seen anything like this.  He and Burnell made a quick exit as the smoke billowed everywhere.  The fuel lit (we had just filled the tank).  People stopped with fire extinguishers and then fire trucks arrived and cops, etc.  The flames began to go up the hill behind the car, too.  We wonder if we’ll make the evening news??? J  The fire chief even showed up.  Dwight and Burnell were able to rescue all the snorkeling gear and towels and personal items in the car … except the 1 carseat (which is now soaked in fire extinguishing juice).  Praising the Lord that no one was hurt.

So …. We’re back to square 1 with the whole car situation, only now we have no wheels and are stranded at our place, with no internet.  Dwight’s been on the phone and we have 1 contact that might have a rig for us to rent.  What on earth … ???  We’ll have to wait and see.
We were discussing all that’s happened regarding our trip to Hawaii: the volcano erupting again, the tsunami, troubles finding rental houses, our car blowing up, etc.  Could it be that we’re not supposed to be here? Is the Lord trying to tell us something?  We’re not so sure He’s telling us that we’re in a bad spot.  In every instance, He’s protected and provided for us – and taught us patience along the way.  He also brings us into contact with people continually, in which we hope to share His love and light.  Its also a continual teaching opportunity for our children.  Today, Burnell got a lesson in evacuation from a burning vehicle and his obedience skills were tested.  We also learn that our plans are not exactly the Lord’s plans.  He must have intended for us to rest at home today and not be in the ocean. 


  1. My goodness... not your typical Hawaiian vacation, huh? So, are you going to write a book about your adventures over there? Love you guys... and miss you! I pray the Lord continues to show you more of who He is.

  2. Well written, dear One! Well, no minivan, but at least a quad! :-)

    I believe the Lord allows us to get into situations where we can glorify him --and keeping faith and trust in him in trials most definitely does that!

    We are thankful you are all safe!

    Your daddy sent a photo of the boys eating popsicles--so cute. by the look on the boys' faces the popsicles might be a tad sour--or just very cold! However, Quint seemed to be thoroughly enjoying his!

    Eagerly looking forward to the next edition of thejohnsonfamadventures!

    Big hugs and lots of love,


    As for God, his way is perfect; the word of the LORD is tried; he is a buckler to all those that trust in him. Psalm 18:30

  3. Marilee, WOW!!! What an adventure! I had no idea you guys were in Hawaii. I just got done reading each of your post, and am amazed at all that you guys have done in the short time you have been there. What a great adventure full of memories your little family will have for years to come. Now that I know your situation, I will pray the Lords hand continue to bless all that your family does during this sweet time together, and that above all, His name be glorified! Sounds like the Lord is moving in mighty ways already. :)
    Much love and prayers to you, Dwight and the boys. <3

  4. Wowy! That is amazing! I have been praying for your general well being, but now I am going to gear my prayers specifically toward your safety! Sounds like you have been through the "ringer". I am soooo glad that no one was hurt and that you are all still safe and sound. I am sure that you are a testimony to all those who you are around.
    That totally sounds like Uncle Dwight, making friends with all the neighbors and just being over all helpful and wonderful. It must be such a blessing that he doesn't get allergies there.
    Thanks for keeping your blog so up to date. It is definitely a big highlight at our house to look at your blog and see what you have been up to.
    I have already typed this bloomin' thing twice:)and I am still having troubles posting it....I know I'm blond(thought that I would save uncle Dwight the trouble:-))So all that to say, if this some how gets posted, it will be a miracle! This is the last time I am trying so...! Love from your very amused relative, and ditsy blond,...aka Kyla:-)