Thursday, April 7, 2011

Waterfalls and Snorkeling

Grandpa Ted to the rescue ... he just arrived tonight (April 7th) and brought our other laptop from OR with him, so we can get online and keep you all in the loop.  We've had lots of adventures ... so its time to catch up. :-)

Our computer "broke" over the weekend (2 weeks ago now).  We were able to get online miraculously on Tuesday (the 29th) in which we did some quick research on flights and updated our blog.

A note on the boys and "croup." We are sooo thankful to report that their bodies have been strong and able to fight this virus, whatever it is. The Lord is good. All fevers have abated (took about 2 days each) and now we’re just fighting the last bits of bronchial congestion. Everyone’s taking their garlic, carotenoids, salmon oil, vita-squares, and vit c every day. Also, our honey-thyme-oregano cough syrup to encourage the phlegm to flow and not breed infection. Echinacea/Goldenseal. And, Vicks (with Eucalyptus) for bronchial flow. And, lots of papaya and cantaloupe.
J Thankfully, Burnell, Dwight and I and Grandma Gail have not come down with this. I keep praying that this virus will be totally gone before baby makes his appearance. So, far, the Lord is answering this request.
Well, after the rain, Mama got cabin fever and was itching for adventure. The "waiting game" for the baby is killer for me. So on Wednesday, Dwight and I and the 4 oldest journeyed off to explore some waterfalls. Oh!! This was a fun day. Grandma packed us a lunch (she’s sooooo awesome!) we headed out north of Hilo. Rainbow Falls was our first stop. Then Boiling Pots. Both accessible right off the road.

Our 3rd stop was Wai’ale Falls. This one, you park on the side of the road and look for the trailhead – a hidden spot between the jungle brush. We started out. What a fun, short, hike up, through Hawaiian tropical trees to the top of the falls where there were places to splash, climb and enjoy the water. A little nerve-racking at first to make sure no one would get swept up by the current and head down the falls! Then, just enjoyable. We played there for a bit, then headed back down.

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  1. Oh, so so good to hear more of your adventures! Thanks for posting so many photos. Marilee! We are thankful Ted made it over there okay!

    May God bless you with his peace while you wait for Wyatt!

    Big hugs all around, Mama/Grams