Saturday, April 23, 2011

The beach - and cliff jumping

Tuesday and Wednesday were home days, as Mama is still recovering. Dwight and all the boys played freeze tag, watched the team ropers, played with playdough, colored in their Junior Ranger books, exercised together, weeded around the flowers, made food, cleaned up, etc.

Quint stretching with the big guys

Wyatt is the BEST entertainment

Its been an interesting revelation to me that my "productive" attitude is not always the best for our family. I've watched as Dwight chills with the kids and has time for questions, projects, games, etc. I'm usually in the middle of a project and too busy trying to shuffle them along with me. I know there's a balance, but I'm learning the true benefit of "restfulness." Then, in Nancy Campbell's devotional book I'm reading (thanks Jenise!), she mentions making your home a home of rest. She talks about being home in the afternoon, making a meal for your family, so that the evening can be a time of rest and fellowship for the family. It gave me a vision for when we return home. Its hard for me to choose to NOT get something done. But, I can see how it really creates a great learning and sharing environment for the family.

Thursday, Wyatt (and Mama) had his first day out. Dwight and I took him to the county building in Hilo to register his birth and apply for a birth certificate. We actually saved money, too!! Birth Certificates cost only $10 here in Hawaii, as opposed to $25 in Oregon. :-) What a bargain!

The team ropers have been coming almost every night. I'm pretty sure there are at least 2 different groups. This night, the "family" group came and after they were done roping, they put all the boys, along with their girls on the horses and let them ride around for a while. Quint had a ride, but wasn't really up for it. Burnell loves when the riders start showing up -- its his favorite part of the day.

Friday, a day out as a family. We went to Richardson's beach for the day ... fried Daddy and the kids. :-) Not remembering that it is a holiday (Good Friday), we found that the beach was packed! It looked like a Where's Waldo.

Ty becoming a little fish
Dwight, Burnell and Orin discovered a cool spot to jump into the ocean. The water was a gorgeous turquoise color. Others watching were amazed to see these little guys bailing off the rocks. Dwight is impressed that at this point, they have become great little swimmers as well.

We stayed at the beach for 4 hours. Burnell was in the water practically the entire time. He loves the waves - as well as the friends he makes in the water. This time, he came away with a gash in his toe, from jumping off a different rock. He was as brave as ever. He's now beside me on the couch with his foot up - as it is quite a gusher.
The top of Burnell's toe - GONE!


  1. Oh friend. Thank you so much for posting about your adventures and what the Lord is teaching you and your family! You are missed here so very much!

  2. I just posted a forever long comment here...then I deleted it! I'll write you a letter when you get home.
    Take Luck!
    Katie Joy

  3. This is for Burnell from Kimberly:

    Dear Burnell,
    How are you? I am doing good. How is it in Hawaii? I am sorry about your shell. Was it scary in the tide? It sure sounds like fun snorkeling. Baylor and I are building an awesome fort up on the hill. Have you been building any forts? Our trees are just starting to bud. We just went to the Graves house at Antone Ranch. We got to go to the calf branding.Goodbye! Love,

    From Baylor:):

    Hey Guys,
    How are you doing? We went to Antone just the other day.We shot some clay pigeons with shot guns. And we got to have an air soft war. We had fully automatic rifles, shotguns, and some pistols! It was girls against boys ....and Kyla thinks they won...but I think we won. We miss you and hope we can see you soon! Love,