Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Puppies and Coconut Island

More cliff jumping. Dwight and the 4 big boys went back to Richardson's beach for some more fun in the waves and on the rocks. Burnell kept jumping from higher and higher up the rocks.

Have to share the humor in this local signage we saw in multiple places this weekend:
"Easter Puppies - Pitbulls!" Are you serious?? Not sure what this has to do with Hawaiian tradition or Easter (bunnies, eggs, pitbulls ... oh yeah)??? :-)

Today we went to visit Coconut Island! Sounds exotic, huh? Its a small island in Hilo Bay. There's a bridge that connects it to the main island and people regularly walk or run on a path around it. Apparently it was packed as well this weekend, however, today, we had the beach all to ourselves. There were no waves, but the sand was nice and golden and the water warm. A great place for play. Another beautiful day in paradise.
the Ty Fish

A little crab Daddy found while snorkeling

Building sand castles

Our first family picture with Wyatt

We have purchased the other "end" to our open-ended trip. We are coming home!!! :-) :-) We were debating as to whether to stay another month (especially since our landlords offered us free rent for half of that time if we would stay and look after their place while they are in Europe). VERY tempting. :-) We have been gone long enough, though. Our time here has been wonderful (almost 2 months worth!!) and now its time to return to our Oregon home. We will be taking a red-eye flight on April 28th and arriving in Portland the following morning. I hear that its been below freezing in Bend most nights still, so we might be in for a temperature shock. Looking VERY much forward to seeing you all again.
won't be missing these gas prices :-)

Anyone for some fried gecko?? 

The little warriors!

Chance's favorite spot in the morning

Mmmm ... protein shake mustaches


  1. Do they really have fried geckos??? Mercedes was just telling me last night that they have geckos in their house right now - - - she said she likes them b/c they eat bugs & mosquitos. Maybe I should tell Lynsay they can eat them, too! ;)

    So excited for you guys coming home! What wonderful adventures you've had - - - memories for a lifetime.

    Love you all,

  2. NO! Don't eat 'em! Dwight teased the boys about eating fried gecko for dinner. They loved it!! Then we told them it was BBQ chicken and they were all bummed. :-) Ha! I forgot to put the "just kidding" phrase at the end of the blog like I'd planned. Too funny!

  3. Yesss! We are all so excited that you are coming home too. We might be in Bend on this Monday, so maybe we could stop by and see you while we are in town! When do your flights come in? Looking forward to seeing you and hearing more in detail about all your adventures. Love,

  4. Oh. You didn't eat fried geckos. :P But in China - - - I'll bet some of those "chicken" dishes are really fried geckos. They'll eat ANYthing there. Heehee!