Thursday, April 14, 2011

Exploring the Volcano

Is today Thursday already? Time is flying by. Wyatt was born on Monday night. Tuesday, Dwight took the sequestered troops to the beach to enjoy some sunshine and play. Grandpa Ted went, too. Grandma Gail stayed with me and Wyatt and Quint and did lots of cleaning. She's polishing furniture and bleaching countertops, things only a professional cleaner would care about. I know Bob and Susi will appreciate her helping to keep the place "pristine."

On Wednesday, Dwight's long-awaited trek to hike around the volcano happened. Again, Grandpa Ted and the 4 big boys went. They ended up hiking for miles and miles ... all over lava flows, through lava tubes, around craters, and anywhere that seemed interesting in the Volcano National Park. They went all the way down to the ocean where a lava flow used to flow directly into the ocean. That flow has been gone for quite a while now. Another interesting spot was where the lava flowed right across the road and over a "Road Closed" sign. These brave adventurers even traveled quite a ways down a completely dark lava tube using a tiny little light and Grandpa's iphone as their only sources of light. I would have been scared, but not these guys. They were in pitch black at the end of the tube and were all perfectly content, not even being able to see their hands in front of their face.

In the pitch-black lava tube

The studly hikers

While they were gone, Gayla and Kaili (from the church we visited last Sunday) came to visit and see Wyatt. They came laden with gifts,cards, flowers and a yummy meal for us! Too sweet. We all talked about birth, home births, babies, and the Lord. The fellowship was sweet.

Today is another gorgeous, sunny day and the ring-leader of this family, Dwight the Magnificent, is off with his crew to the beach again. Dwight took all 5 of his "big" boys this time as Quint needed to get out as well. :-) Dwight sunblocked them all, and Grandma packed a lunch. What an amazing Daddy Dwight is. I am so blessed by his desire to challenge and encourage his little men to great things. He's constantly staying a step ahead to inspire them along. And he is so wonderful with taking care of me, too. :-) WE LOVE DWIGHT!!

Reading lessons and fiddle lessons are still happening each day and we are delighted to watch everyone growing. Quint speaks all the time, but it usually sounds like he's fluent in a foreign tongue. His "English" words are now growing in abundance. He loves to say "Bebe" and kiss Wyatt. Ty is turning into a little man now, too. Dwight was amazed that he was able to stay up with them all on their volcano hikes. At 3, he is learning some letters and sounds and learning to help Quint play. Chance is learning sounds and numbers. He loves to play "war" with cards, and he also keeps Ty entertained for hours. They are great buds and he has an avid imagination. He also has developed a love of being in the kitchen with Grandma Gail doing dishes or making pancakes. :-) Orin is reading like crazy. He tackles math problems that Daddy gives him in his head quite quickly. He's a great runner and has learned the art of "jogging" instead of his usual sprint-style that's given him his nick-name "Dash." Burnell is thriving in all he does. He's learning "Amazing Grace" on the fiddle - which he plays with quite a nice touch. His reading, writing, and math are going great. He and Orin are tweedle-dee and tweedle-dum ... best buds. Burnell has amazing mental determination, which we've seen come out during his runs, lately. He "man's up" to the task. Burnell adores his new baby brother, Wyatt, as he has with all his brothers. He's a great big brother.

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  1. WE LOVE DWIGHT, too! :)

    What a completely satisfying update, dear Marilee!

    I am so happy you finally got to check out the lava and lava tubes, Dwight. A couple of the pictures remind me of Central Oregon, though the lava seems smoother and looks like globs of clay. "Our" lava is sharp. :)

    The boys looked like they would have slept really well after their huge day!

    Please give your mother a BIG hug and thank you from me, Marilee. She is such an efficient, loving, servant.

    Keep the Aloha spirit, Marilee, smiling and relaxing the time away--especially while you have your mama there!

    We look forward to seeing you soon and to meeting our new little Wyatt.

    You look good, Dwight!

    I love you all soooo much!