Wednesday, April 27, 2011


First time posting videos ... we'll see how this works. :-)  They took forever to upload.  I hope you don't have problems viewing.

Retraction #1 : Wyatt was actually 21 inches long - just the same length as most of the other boys. Dwight was looking at him and thinking he looked long and slender! We measured him the next day and he was 21 inches.

Retraction #2: The "fried gecko" picture was a joke. Dwight called the boys in to dinner telling them that we were having fried gecko for dinner. They loved it soooo much that when we told them it was really BBQ chicken, they were bummed. :-) Good ol' Daddy!

Look what Grandma Gail left for each of the boys when she left! :-)  Too much fun.

A hilarious video of Ty getting bit by a gecko. "Look, he totally bit me!"

The wild bullfrog hunters! After finding a large bullfrog on the side of the road, they all came home, got headlamps and headed back out to HUNT for frogs. They came home not more than 20 minutes later with 11 frogs!! Their excitement was over the top. In this video, you can't really tell why Mama starts screaming ... but I'll tell you why!! Someone (you can't see it in the video) chucks a huge frog at me!! Dwight says "unfortunately, I hit the off button because as the frogs kept coming, I did the Hula Frog Dance with beautiful squealing mixed in." Personally, I'm glad I hit the off button.
The first one

OK, so this is probably our last post from Hawaii. However, I want to keep up the posts once we get home ... so stay tuned in. :-)


  1. Hilarious! I wish I could have seen the frog hula! Big hugs all around, Mama/Grams

  2. Hello Uncle Dwight and Aunt Marilee, How are you all doing? I don't know if you guys are still checking peoples posts on here, but if you are I didn't want to disappoint you:)! We really enjoyed seeing Uncle Dwight here at our house on Sunday night. I hope that you have found a solution to the whole allergy problem. That looked really miserable, I am kind of experiencing the same kind of thing since I have a cold. Can't imagine what it feels like to have one all the time. Well, I got to go. Love,