Thursday, April 7, 2011

A day at the beach

Its Tuesday! Bob dropped by this morning and told us that there would be someone by to spray herbicide on the orchard here – once it dried out a bit. So, not wanting to be here, we opted to borrow Bob and Susie’s Bronco, making it possible for us all to leave in the 2 rigs. Where did we go??? We ALL went to the BEACH!! YEAH!! The same place that Dwight and I snorkeled the day before … Richardson’s Beach in Hilo. It was perfect. We packed our lunch, grabbed a few bananas and malasadas (Polynesian donughts) at the Kea’au farmers market, made a leisurely stop at Starbucks, and then made our way to the beach. Our plan – to be there all day! Ahhhhh … relaxing.

The beach had black sand and the waves came in calmly at first, but much larger by the end of the day. The boys loved it all. Quint spent almost the whole time playing in the sand. Dwight went off snorkeling after a while – back out past the crazy spot he took me the 2 days before.

He saw turtles and all sorts of pretty fish. We were all able to see turtles, this day. There were some very large ones that swam all around us and popped up out of the water for us to observe. That was fun! One that Dwight and I followed in the water was about 3’ across. I was super excited!
J Can’t wait to tell you all that Wyatt is here!

At the end of the day, we went out to eat at Ken’s Pancake House (recommended by Blanche!, thank you). Mama has been craving steak for about 3 days now. The KTA (market) barbeques a nice 8 oz steak and serves it with corn and rice for $5!! We’ve happened to catch it twice now. Ohhhhh … I can taste it right now.

Dwight returned our borrowed Bronco next door and visited with Bob for a bit. He and his wife are super sweet! Susi was out feeding the homeless (as is her usual Tuesday night routine) and Bob was making spaghetti and getting ready for his once-a-week movie night. Bob asked if we ate meat and then proceeded to give us a box full of home-grown beef including roasts, hamburger and sirloin. Then, this morning (WED), Susi stopped by on her way to work with a box full of fruit from their farm called Rambutan. She showed us how to break open the shell with your thumb and then dig the fruit out with your teeth. She’s learned each of the boys’ names and responds when they say "Hi Susi!" They are such a sweet and generous couple. What a blessing.

After driving that stick-shift car and being out all day, my contractions kept up through the night. I was sure we would be having a baby today. But, alas, I’m still just "warming up". The wait continues.


  1. Bless you! Thanks so much for continuing to write and take photos even without the computer so you could share with us! You all look so healthy and look as if you are having great fun and good exercise. You look beautiful, Marilee!

  2. Yumm! Rambutan! So fun to read about your adventures! Yes, Hawaii is VERY expensive... Next time, just come over to our place! :-)