Sunday, April 10, 2011


Grandma Gail's magnetic gecko :-)
Sunday, we all slept in ... 'til 6:49 that is. :-) Quint is amazing at waking us all early!! Ah, well. So, after a leisurely breakfast, we all got ready to go the a church in Kea'au that our friends (the ones we rescued that had lost their keys) had recommended. We all had such a nice time. The Puna Covenant Church was a wonderful place to be. We sang hymns and choruses, then the boys went to Sunday School, while the pastor taught through Mark 13. It wasn't a typical "the end is coming" speech. Rather, he used to context to explain what Jesus was saying to his disciples about that time and the time to come. We really enjoyed his teaching. There was fellowship and food afterward and we stayed for quite some time visiting with the people.

A highlight was meeting a 100-year-old man who looked and acted amazingly healthy! We also met a lady from Prineville, OR -- imagine that! And, a sweet gal expecting her 2nd child. Her first child has Cerebral Palsy and we were able to visit for a bit about the blessing of the Lord and how it comes in different forms. She reminds me of the strength and faith that Joby and Paula have, while going through something "unexpected" with their little ones. I am awed by people with this sort of joy in the Lord's goodness amidst a trial such as this.

Home for lunch. We have been reading books about the Kilauea volcano and Dwight's been doing some research online. We watched an interested DVD on the volcanos on Hawaii. Aside from the information about the "Goddess" of the volcano that they kept giving credit to, it was actually very interesting. Did you know that Mark Twain visited the volcano? Right now, there is very little activity, but you never know when it will "spit" again. The eruptions we had heard about right before we came here, were minimal and mostly in the column of the volcano itself.

Mama and I cleaned the house while Dwight, Grandpa Ted, Burnell and Orin went snorkeling again this afternoon. It was a nice, sunny afternoon -- something we'd been lacking for several days, so lots of fun to be out again. They saw a long eel and a VERY large parrot fish. Burnell found a cool shell, but was pushed against a rock by the current and lost it. He is learning that he should swim sideways instead of against the current.
Burnell and Orin swimming so fast - they can't be kept in focus!!

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  1. Those little snorkelers look like bright colored fish! They have gotten quite proficient, haven't they?

    I am so happy to see these updates! Sounds as if you had a delightful time at church! Do Hawaiians always eat after their church services?

    I am praying for Marilee as she labors, and praying that the labor will be shorter than usual. It will be fun to see if Wyatt is born on the 11th or 12th. I might be the 12th here and still the 11th there! I surely hope it is still the 11th here when she gives birth.

    A special hello to you, Dwight! I love you, Mama