Thursday, April 7, 2011

Snorkeling and the Zoo

Saturday … a busy school day to start.

Mama got some extra rest in the afternoon while Dwight took Burnell, Orin, Chance, Ty and Grandma Gail to the tide pools again. They all had a blast!

Sunday, Dwight and I jaunted off to explore another area of the island – east of Hilo where we heard there might be some turtles. We snorkeled out off Richardson’s beach. It was amazing. The surf was pretty rough. Dwight took me out just past the rocks and the ocean floor dropped out beneath us. Dwight says there were fish everywhere!! I was freaked out – the waves were enormous and we were "out" in the open. A bit too scary for me … especially being that it was only my 3rd time out. Oh, and it was my due date!

J Dwight even admitted that it was an adrenaline rush. Whew … glad to be back in the calmer waters.
We met a sweet older couple from Indiana (Mike and Janet Everhard) who lost their keys to their rental car. Dwight and Mike snorkeled a bit looking for their keys, but to no avail. We ended up taking them to their place, which was nearby us and then went out to dinner. It was a nice date for us. Grandma Gail has given us many such "dates" as she watches the little ones. She is determined to keep us relaxed and enjoying ourselves as much as possible before our baby arrives. What a gift she keeps on giving.

Today is Monday and we’re off for more adventures! The zoo is just 15 minutes from us. After school and a few errands in the AM we were ready to go. We made 2 trips (as only 5 fit in our little Kia) – each party eating lunch while waiting. There were many peacocks roaming about. Other fascinating creatures: a white tiger, some iguanas and lizards, turtles, macaws, and monkeys. After some reinforcement of the "no climbing and no touching" rules, our own little monkeys explored the place. Lots of fun. Home by naptime.

Dwight and the 2 oldest – not quite done with adventures for the day – had to head out to the ocean again. Off to the Kapaho tide pools for more snorkeling.


  1. Love the pictures--especially of the violinist, the two little masked snorkelers facing the camera and the peacock! So good to see you all. :)

  2. Oh, the photo of Dwight and the two snorkelers is another favorite--let's face it, I love them all---and YOU ALL!

  3. Oh, so glad to see your pictures and posts! Looks like SO much fun and relaxation. Continue to enjoy your time - - - you do NOT want to be back here yet - brrrr - snow, etc.

    Love you all!